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Posted:2/17/2013 9:26:51 AM
I can not sit here and tell you that I know exactly what these beings are. I only feel that they are inter-dimensional and very superior to humans. I have two stories that I am prepared to share. I was living at my grandmother's house and laid down to sleep on a couch in a room that is seperated from the main living and kitchen area of the house by a thick sliding glass door. I awaken at 2 am, I am laying on my back and facing the main living quarters of the house. I immediately sense feelings that I could not explain. I could feel a heaviness in the air, it seemed. Something was not right, yet I had no reason to fear. As I open my eyes, they adjust to the darkness and shadows of the house. As my eyes focus and I begin to stare through the sliding glass door, I can see the stair way which is in between the living quarters and the kitchen area of the house. The stairs directly face the front door of the house and lead to the bedrooms of my family. My sister, her husband and kids, and my grandmother on the second floor. I begin to notice movement of what seems to be Shadows in the form of sillouetes. They are gliding gracefully up and down the stairs, their visual is as if they are there but not there, they are misty, tall, lanky, and appear to be the consistency of some type of fluid. They have no features that I can see. I begin to feel fear settle over me and fall into a panic due to worry and fear that something was possibly hurting my family... and it is while they are sleeping. I try to move but to no avail. I am paralyzed save for the movement of my eyes. I can see what looks like moonlight gliding upon the stairs and floor beneath them. They hover and "slide" around in such a "smooth" way their movements are almost hypnotizing. A slight silvery glow, that begins to brighten when more of them would come within each others vicinity, pulsates very gently. As I struggle to comprehend what is happening, I realize that these "shadow beings" have stopped on the stairs and are looking in my direction. I could not see eyes but I somehow could just tell they were looking at me. I could feel them. I could feel a sense of curiousity from them as if they were wondering why I was able to see them. I remember nothing more than opening my eyes the next morning and thinking to myself. Wow, what an odd dream. It was so realistic, I think... So the day goes on and I eventually forget about it and go about my normal daily routines. Now having totally forgotten about the night before, The night arrives and I again lay down to sleep. I awaken again at 2 am, the feelings of the night before were back and they were even more intense than previously. upon opening my eyes, I can feel my eyes are crusted and sticky. My eyes struggle to adjust to the darkness of the house and I can see the reflections from the river out back dancing across the ceiling. My eyes focus deeper and that is when I see them. The "shadow beings" are now standing around me. I really do not remember exactly how many there were, I do know it was at least between 4 and 8. Again, I was on a couch and I didn't really look to both sides, I kind of stared to my left because it was the open side to the couch. I was scared and pretty much just kept my eyes focused on the 4 spread about evenly to my left. They are leaning in towards me just a little bit, I could feel them so strongly it makes me uneasy even thinking about it now. I begin to panic, trying to move, I see I am again paralyzed. I am in control of only the movement of my eyes. Tears slowly begin to stream down my cheeks and my eyes move back and forth as if trying to break out of the hold and save my body of it's fate. I can see them clearly, yet they possess no visual features. Their "bodies" crawl as if they are a shadowy liquid that seems to move similar to the way it looks when the sun's heat is rising off the road or like looking through the vapor of gasoline. I can see the moonlight reflected off the river refracting through them, the light bends back and forth as it penetrates their "blurry existence". They Turn their heads and seem to nod to each other. I almost feel as if I can sense their thoughts... or at least the ones they allowed me to feel. I sensed no danger, nor malice, nor evil intent. I sensed curiousity. I sensed understanding. I sensed purpose. I am now trying to calm myself down. It is a very scary thing to wake up in these circumstances, yet I find it in myself to relax just a bit, the only thing making this possible is the feelings I can feel, and I truly felt that I could sense them. I do not know that these "feelings" were true. I also must accept they could possibly possess the ability to "spiritually sedate" me. They communicated without speech, I only notice the turning of the "heads" and what looks like slight nods. I feel they are speaking about me. I do not know why, I can only speculate. As I ask them in my mind, what is their purpose and what do they need from me, they lean slightly down towards me and I lose consciousness. I wake up again the next morning. I at first think it was another dream. After my mind comes to and remembers everything in very vivid detail including the senses and feelings, which by the way if I close my eyes, I can feel them just as strongly now. These feelings have left a sort of residual recording within me. I am convinced that this was more than just a dream. I have been visited several times since...