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Posted:3/25/2012 10:03:51 AM
Last night the female entity came back. She held me down for a full hour. I think it might have been a rape attempt this time. Please help.

Posted:3/17/2012 5:44:53 PM
When I re-read my post , it sounds like I was describing a sexual encounter. I didn't mean to put it like that.... It was quite frightening. I am pretty sure that the entity was female however. thank you spooky - what is a sucubus? I am worried that she will return tonight.

Posted:3/17/2012 11:59:52 AM
I just logged on here to share an experience i had last night. I was lying in bed at around midnight when i felt a presence in the room. I could just feel something evil there. The room was dark and i was reading. Then i felt as though i was being held down by the entity. I couldn't quite see it but i felt it was female.

I couldn't move at allas i was held down for about 30 minutes. Have any of you read of an entity like this?