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Posted:4/9/2009 2:08:41 PM
Ah, the shadow people :) i am going to give my own speculation here. I believe in the exsistance of interdimensional "rips" on occasion. I am also not going to lie about the fact that yes, I have experimented with stimulant drugs which have the ability to keep one up and conscience for days. Yes, I profess to have seen shadow people and have also asked other people about their experiences. The results of my queries came out all the same: sleep deprivation seems to serve as a catalyst regarding this sort of activity. I don't know why but one theory is a shamanic one. Indiginous Americans (Indians) have been known to utilize sleep deprivation as means towards spiritual transcendence, (obviously sometimes coupled with such triptamine drugs as the mushroom, stropharia cubinsus and the Andean drug Ayahuasca or it's synthesized version: DMT. Mescaline has also been employed quite substantially by the apache indians of the American southwest and deserts of northern mexico. mescaline serves as a natural amphetimine in it;s own right. ussually "demonic" forces appear bright in the color spectrum as well as the temperature. I think that shadow people are just that, shadows. Shadows of unsuspecting people being watched by you:)via another realm. PS. I have found that these shadow people cannot be caught either:) everytime I have thought them real (always walking the streets @ 2-3 in the morning), they vanish upon further investigation? ??? This is my take.