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Posted:5/22/2010 10:31:14 AM
If you say you don't recall any past life experiences, you are not paying attention to your feelings, fears and dreams.  Did you ever have a reocurring dream when you were a child where you were a different person from another time?  Those dreams are past life memories.  What are your likes now?  Do you have a desire to visit an area of the country or world?  What are your interests?  What are your fears?  If you wrote down a list of everything you are interested in, as an example: Lighthouses, boats and the ocean, music, sports, the Civil War, Williamsburg, Egypt, France, etc.  Then make a list of all the things you don't like and your fears--these things would be a clue to you as to where you were in one or more past lives. But the endeavor that would really open your eyes to your past lives would be a past life regression.  I highly recommend the experience to everyone!  A regression takes you back to where and when you've lived before this life and explains many of the interests and fears you have in this life.  It is an eye opening adventure.   You have lived before, Jeff... we all have.  God gives us hints to how things work every season -- life ends in the fall, is sleeping in the winter, and reimmurges every spring--and lives on in the summer until the cycle starts all over again.  That seasonal cycle is a pattern for all life.  If you don't beleive me, get regressed and prove me wrong!  :o)I remember quite a few of my past lives (with the aid of regressions and the exercise I describle), and in none of them was I someone famous... but I recognize how I feel toward certain people in this life by remembering them from lives I've lived with them in the past.  Have you never felt a connection with someone from the first time you've met them, or felt dislike or distrust for a person the moment you've been introduced?  Those feelings are memory jogs... because we all come back in groups.  We  have issues that have to worked out with each other, and until they are worked out to completion, we will continuely try again until the matter has been resolved. If you do the exercise I recommended, please let us know how it turns out for you.  I know we'd all be interested in your results!Christine B.