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Posted:3/10/2010 3:11:41 AM
This seems like  something similar that I've experienced on a handful of occasions. Ususally, I'm just waking up when I've seen "rainbow" hallucinations. The first occurence was before I ever experimented with any drugs/alcohol. I was about 13 when it first happened. I was napping late in the evening and I woke up on my stomach, my face toward the wall. I saw a very cartoonish outline of a girl as if looking from behind her, and she was walking away. The outline was made of the same kind of impression a flash of a camera leaves in your eyes. The girl faded and words written backward appeared. I couldn't make them out, partially because I was freaking out right about then. The wall was like a weird movie screen. While I was seeing this, I tried to get up .I had the sensation that a large person was on top of me holding me down. I tried to turn my head, move my arms and eventually tried to scream. I couldn't move or make a sound and I was panicking. After what coud have only been 2 minutes, I broke out of this hold and ran into the living room scared out of my mind.  I have a form of Sleep Paralysis. I don't know if you were paralyzed at any point, but hallucinations commonly occur with this. Your mind awakens from sleep, but your body remains in the sleeping state. You teeter between the dream world and real world, so the hallucinations can be intense and dreamlike. It seems like your account has to do with sleep, so maybe the two are linked?