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Posted:8/19/2010 7:29:45 PM
I refused to watch it.  I've had direct, firsthand experience with being abducted.  The preview fucked with me for 3 days after I saw it.  Not to mention that mainstream perception of adbuction/abductees is really far out of whack.  Perfectly rational people who have very real anxiety and other emotional problems due to being abducted are constantly marginalized and dismissed.  Aliens are real, and they are abducting people. Hollywood crap like this movie are designed to scare people.  Abduction is real, but there is no way anyone can speculate on motives or whether or not extra-terrestrials are doing anything out of cruelty or malice.  Everyone should read Communion.  Whitley Strieber is 100% telling the truth, without trying to scare the shit out of people.

Posted:7/31/2010 12:12:29 AM
I think organized religion essentially boils down to control and or superstition.  It just blows my mind how people can take something that was written well before the era of science and any kind of understanding of the world and universe and just take it so literally.  I mean, the majority of people out there actually try to dismiss empirical evidence because it doesn't jive with what their religion has taught them.  I don't think there is anything worse and more destructive in the world than willful ignorance.  Over 90% of the world believes in some sort of god.  I don't want to sound like a complete bastard, but the majority of the world is ignorant and stupid.  I'll even risk saying that the United States is the leader in willful ignorance and stupidity.  We are setting a horrible example for other countries, and are actively taking over other countries by throwing them into debt.  The ignorance and stupidity is just propagating on a level that is staggering.  Most Americans are unaware of their own "god given" rights.  They have no real understanding of politics, or how the entire system is set up to nurture their ignorance.  We have the upper 1% of the population running around with all of the money and pretty much doing whatever the hell they want.  Anyone who bucks the system is immediately thrown under the bus and fed to the angry horde of zealots.  I'm not just talking about the right wing here - left wing included.  Both sides are equally ignorant of the truth.  Those that do know the truth use religion to control the majority, and if that doesn't work, they create a bunch of other false-flags and red herrings to catch everyone else.  If anyone actually does take a stand, they end up dead.  All you have to do is try to get the truth out to the masses and they will find a way to make you disappear.  I'm rambling here, but it all goes back to my point - religion has been hijacked to control people - and it definitely has a history of making people who do not comply disappear from the equation. 

Posted:7/27/2010 10:57:07 PM
I think god exists in the capacity of some sort of unseen or inexplicable controlling force.  Scientifically, a lot could be explained once we have a better understanding of things like Higgs bosons.  It is just a way to quantify something that is beyond our understanding.  I think it is stupid, as well as naive, to assume or have faith that some sort of sentient, omnipresent being exists and has control over everything.  It is more comforting to place that control in the hands of something we can relate to, or trust.  Religion (and spirituality) caters to people who are to scared to entertain the idea of an existence without some sort father-figure who is out there controlling everything.  I got in big trouble at vacation bible shchool as a kid because I'd ask questions like the OP.  I used to argue with the teachers about why some people would go to hell on technicalities.  I was dead-set that if you could be a moral and upright individual, and do everything except buy into the dogma of organized religion, and be punished and go to hell essentially on a technicality - then there was no point.  The decision is being made for you.  Christians are always touting free-will.  It isn't free-will if your only alternative is hellfire and damnation.  It is backwards logic and fear-mongering.  There is no room for free-will in any institution that promotes any kind of deity.

Posted:5/22/2010 11:54:39 PM
I've had a recurring dream where I've been a pregnant woman who is shot in the abdomen.  I don't die in the dream.  I just remember being injured and worried about whether or not my baby is injured.  It is usually a deeply disturbing dream.  I'm trying to scream for help but I can't project my voice due to the injury.  I'm just crawling around on the ground terrified.  If I wake up I have trouble going back to sleep.  I've actually woken up on several occasions trying to scream still.  It is a really weird dream considering I'm not female, lol.I've also had recurring dreams that involve an army guy in full biohazard gear coming to my front door, and he abducts me when I answer the door.  I mostly had those dreams during my childhood (age 6-10).  I have also had several dreams that I was a serial killer.  I remember those usually revolving around a hospital.  In one dream I killed a nurse.  The whole time this creepy voice was telling me what to do.  Those were some pretty disturbing dreams, as well.Who knows if any of this is past life stuff, but it seems pretty odd when you have the sames dreams and recurring themes over periods of time.  I have lots of really vivid dreams, but I tend to only remember and write down the ones that scare me awake. 

Posted:5/16/2010 10:31:35 PM

Posted:5/8/2010 7:15:48 PM
I can remember a lot of stuff when I was 3 years old pretty vividly.  The farthest back I can go is when I was 2 and still lived at my uncle's house.  My mom would send in for stuff off the cereal boxes.  I got my first lego set this way.  It was a little white race car that she helped me put together.  It also came with a lego guy (in an a helmet and everything).  I remember being pretty stoked about it.  I was running around in the living room racing it off the walls and the front picture window sill.  That is about the earliest memory that I can associate with an age. 

Posted:5/2/2010 8:24:17 PM
I don't think it has to do with awareness of time.  At a certain point in childhood you seperate yourself from everything else.  Before that point there are no boundaries between the rest of the world and yourself.  You don't recognize people as being seperate from yourself.  You are only aware of your own perceptions.  Some people can remember things from early childhood, but the memories have more to do with sensations (smells, tastes, touch, etc.).  What most people perceive as time is quite different than physical time.  We have created a system that is a means to an end.  It serves a certain purpose.  Physical time is seperate from what we perceive as time.  Check out time dilation (described in the theory of relativity).  Time can be perceived differently based on velocity (in relation to the speed of light) and the gravitational pull of larger bodies.  So actual time and our perception of time can be a little skewed.  So time does in fact exist outside of our perception of it.