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Posted:5/25/2011 6:43:05 AM
Dear shepard , i could give u a clue of what is happening to you, but before i tell u how it might be happening to you i could explain a little of what is happning to you, this condition is called pre-dimentional shifting level of a potential mind, a pre-dimentional shiftting level is considered normal when it happens to students of shamanism who are well trained under a true spiritual or shaman teacher & is considered level 2 or 3, level 7 direct contact & power with/over self spirit, though guidence & interpretation of teacher must be observed for each & every experience, infact due to some situation through out your life or experiments your physical body & brain has learn to stablish more contact to your spiritual entity or soul,this could be somewhat dangerous for a modern living human who do not know how to deal with inner pulses that are surfacing more or less, also the fact that you see an inteligent individual aproaching you, plus the fact that you don`t know why it started makes it complicated to decide what kind of contact your physical mind is stablishing ,to whom or what & why, the best thing you could do is to try not stablishing any emotional bonds with your experiences mean while your objective is first to underestand demands of those entities , try to feel the intention & keep it mind that you are willing to help in return of an understandable explanation of the nature of those entities while you remain in contact, you could also do a little thai-chi or meditation not to stablish contact but to add to immunity of your own soul against any harm, remember ,spirits are too smart , never fall in love with anything before you truly understand it`s nature , for furture information you can e-mail me at [email protected] or add me on facebook @ dino grey , hope u get well soon

Posted:5/16/2011 3:42:51 AM
well i just wanted to help friends & don`t like to be called scammer, also i usually get booked for the whole year so really don`t care, is 10G too much money these days?! i almost spend 3.5G a month [in india 250000 RP] & i still don`t think i`m that rich ,common u`ve got to be kidding me friends i like this site & just joined, so see you guys around