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Posted:5/20/2012 12:06:23 PM
It's not true. When this body dies many things wait for you on the otherside. Whether those things are good or bad is up to you. Don't ask me how I know this cause it was a really fucked up part of my life that showed me what was out there. Sometimes I lose faith in what lyes beyond, but I get reminded. Death is not the end.

Posted:1/19/2011 3:46:39 PM
2008 , i had a really odd dream. I was in a foregin country, i'm guessing like an arabic country because of the head wraps and the buildings. The city(?) is kind of what you would call a bad town.Its mostly a feeling, but the town has the sterotypical not good place feel to it.One thing that stood out big time was that there were no children around at all. Anyway for some reason i'm being chased by these men who want something of me but I don't know what. I end up being helped out by this weird girl, who hides me in her home, but then i get discoverd and she gets killed. So the men take me to this building and start asking me these questions but i don't know the answeres. Then theres an earthquake and one of the men say someting about "them not getting me". The next part was kind of fuzzy, cause i don't know if I just don't remember it well or what. But somehow we end up this bunker as the earthquake is happeing and the man who took me is trying to seal us up in there when suddenly as the door is closing there is a really  bright light and there are these angels. The man was terrified and ends up getting crushed under the closing door trying to escape. Then one of the angels spoke to me. He said that he was Michael and the angel next to him was Raphael. He told me that they would protect me because I had a special mission. That would always be mine in every life i lived. They told me the eathquake had to happen for things to be set righ. They said other things but I don't remeber. all i know was that I was sad that the girl who had protected me had died along with everyone else in the town( don't ask me how i knew the rest of the town was dead). Then its like a rewind button is hit and the dream repeats itself. Only diffrence is the girl lived, but once again everyone in the town died. Then i woke up feeling a deep sense of sadness for all those who had died. Do you think this was a message.