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Posted:4/5/2015 8:47:32 AM
I haven't had the physical experience of that, but plenty of nightmares of it. Visiting my sister, I slept in my niece's vacant room, had uneasy feeling in it. I had a nightmare about being dragged away somewhere by some unseen and huge force. Again, another visit, was in tv room, on couch sleeping. In nightmare rolled off, sleeping in dream, and woke up halfway, to be grabbed and saw the couch start to lift, and was pulled under it by same force. It felt like a giant hand. I screamed, no one came to help. I held on as tight as I could and fought against it, freeing myself barely, running out of the house. Whatever it was already outside waiting for me, and I kept running to try to escape it. In other nightmares, they involved similar things, that presence or another force of evil that I couldn't see but knew was huge hunted me. I would wake in dark room on couch, feel that thing coming and run outside, to wake up inside again, repeat it, get out further into yard, again found myself inside, run faster and further, and would wake in dark room in couch. The lighting outside would change as the dream progressed, the early evening darkening, the thing toying with me in this vivid nightmare. I ran back inside once to throw it off, and woke myself near screaming and struggling after whatever it was had tired of toying with me and decided to show itself in dream. Inside the house, a huge claw came around the wall corner, a shadow on the wall of some beastly thing. I slammed the tv room door and started to break the window to escape, and the thing smashed at the door. As I woke in a panic, hearing myself starting to scream, the last image of it was the beast stooping down in half silhouette to come into room, having to duck under doorframe as it was so big. It had to have been 9 feet tall, some great furred and clawed thing. I had a nasty case of the chills even recalling this and writing it. The first nightmare I had I mentioned to my niece when she returned that day. She said she had the same dream, and thought the house was haunted.

Posted:4/5/2015 8:31:42 AM
I said it since I had nothing else to say, I just wanted it leave me alone, I think, or for it to stop scaring me so badly. I was having a hard time speaking to it, stammering in fear. I remember being scared asking it, talking to it, and was surprised that it spoke at all, it had always been silent, looming and staring. It never reappeared after.

Posted:2/5/2015 12:47:31 AM
I had a recurring nightmare as a child of a wolf' face showing up, as if projected onto my bedroom wall. A wind would start in my room, the door would slam, no one heard my screams for help, my sheets would fly off of my bed and a blue glow would appear on the wall. It would focus into a huge face of a wolf staring at me. Eventually I asked if it wanted to be friends, after God knows how many times the dream happened. It never showed up again after that.
Forum: Demon dogs

Posted:2/5/2015 12:43:46 AM
I had recalled another odd phenomenon I experienced years ago. It began, unknown to me with an ex girlfriend. I had suffered terrible nightmares for months, and she would help me deal with them. Years later when she and I reconnected I asked how often it had occurred, she replied 5-6 nights a week. I was shocked as I had no idea it had been so severe. She also related how she had witnessed me stay awake for 3 days on end through willpower alone as I had been too afraid to sleep. One morning she awoke with a haunted look, I knew she had had a nightmare of her own. I asked if she wanted to talk about it, as she had done so many times with me.
She said no, and I pushed the issue, telling her it was silly not to after her year and a half helping me cope. She gave a few details, and would go no further. I went out of town the next day, and had a nightmare of a house, extremely detailed, so that to this day I could draw the floor plan. When I returned home, I related it to her, and as I came to the part of the unseen things that had been snatching people near windows, and hunting a group of friends, her eyes widened, and she began finishing my sentences as I explained what finally showed up. Huge, demonic, and intelligent dogs.
She shocked me as she said 'And they sounded like this? and they did this? and they looked like this?' as I was about to give descriptions. She finished the sentences, all accurate, with small details on appearances, which was no surprise as they shifted form. She then told me of the rest of her nightmare she had before I left. The same dogs had shown up in her dream.
In my dream there had been one, seemingly moving at blinding speed as it hunted around a house at night. At one point I hard screams from far side of the house, and was yelling to friend, How is it doing that?! It was right HERE! She had the answer, they worked in pairs. I had simply not seen the other in my nightmare.
I drew a sketch of it, and she said, yes, that is it. Unnerving as this was, her daughter said she had also dreamed of one. I was not so trusting if her as she was prone to lying. Yet it was unsettling when she gave her details. I had not spoken much of any of my nightmares, as she was young, and didn't want to frighten her. It was kept between my ex and I, as she consoled me after I woke. Her daughter, so far as I knew, had no knowledge of this dream her mother and I had.
If memory serves, she had overheard just the tail end of us speaking, and said she had similar dream. As she related it to us, the unsettling sensation grew as I figured for a rare time she was honest, not seeking attention, and had not been privy to any details of the dog's description. Yet in her dream, the one followed a very specific behavioral pattern, the same as in our dreams.
Forum: Grey Dream

Posted:12/21/2013 5:30:47 AM
Necrobird, that is it. It cannot be defined, the 'buzz'. Exactly. Also, congrats on your first post! ;) I hope this is not, after all this time, your first response to a post!
Forum: Grey Dream

Posted:2/23/2013 10:58:38 PM
I have had only one or two actual 'alien' experiences as far as I can recall in my whole life. I decided for the sake of discussion to toss one out here. Before I start the topic, I had an interesting thought that one of the only larger posts I made was in regards to a Ghost Dog sighting, involving the same friend who became a flatmate. Who also figures a bit into this post, and who I may mention was very freaked out by my sharing this with him the next day. I was to find he has a huge aversion to anything 'alien', especially Greys. He related a few nightmares about them, and while I finished telling him of this event, the morning or evening after it occurred, he was none too pleased, unnerved, and surprisingly was able to easily relate to it and completely relate to it. Some aspects of it were parallel or confirmed by his experiences.

Said friend and I had become flatmates after a few months of befriending one another a year or more before. He was the driver of the vehicle that hit the ghost dog, I the only passenger. Fast forward some months ahead, and we are bachelors living in a small place, both struggling artist types. Neither if us had much furniture nor money to invest in it, so our separate rooms and the whole flat was Spartan

I make mention of this as it figures into my view of the event, literally, how I one night only a month or so living in the space woke, or had such a vivid dream that I may as well have been. I slept on the floor, and woke to an uncomfortable feeling, something which usually heralds a Shape showing up (more of that topic I have written of in a Shadow People thread).

I have been prone to horrible nightmares since I was a child, very bad bouts of it as an adult. I had learned to cope as best I could with this, but knew the uneasy feelings which I associated with the onslaught quickly growing at times to hideous, detailed, long and horrific nightmares, night terrors and sleep paralysis. At times I could fight it off and wake myself as soon as I felt this, at times I was helpless and had to endure the fears.

I am a cynical lad, always have been. I was raised by an analytical father who has small faith in anything but that which can be proven. I was with this prone to be dubious, even though I experienced many unexplainable events. I am therefore an odd amalgam of imagination and solid facts, not prone to take anything at face value, or to speak hastily of faith in anything, especially that which is outside the realm of what I like, a nice quiet life. Shadow People. Shapes. Ghost Dogs, oh my! Aliens? UFO's? I like to occasionally draw them with my own dark humourous slant, but believe in them? Not exactly. I have witnessed a UFO, by which I mean what it is, an Unidentified Flying Object, be it manned or unmanned. It was silent and fast and low is all I KNOW. Imagine 4 bright lights in a row with one slightly offset to one end of the line, like a dot-to-dot drawing of an arrow, minus one dot to make the arrowhead. That was it, all I saw one night whilst engaged in a childhood habit of stargazing and looking for satellites. One night I saw something else is all. Wow, interesting and quite different is what I thought. Did I think actual ET's were piloting whatever-it-was? Not at all. Not interested.

I am aware also of the studies of greys, have seen shows, know how daily life and viewing habits can color one's perceptions and such. Years prior I had created a few Greys as cartoon characters and sculpted a maquette of one for reference. When 'Alien Autopsy' was released I was dubious at best as to its veracity. As an artist and special effects afficiando I look at creatures and aliens as fun art.

So, there you have a general enough sketch of me to go on with. I woke with the dread sensation, the familiar numbness and sleep paralysis to which I was well too-aquainted with. I was 'awake' for all intents and purposes. I struggled to no avail, and saw a glow in the room which was all new in my waking life or bad dreams. A dim all pervading glow in magenta of all colors. I was able to fight my muscles enough, the numbness and tingling and leaden feeling to move my head enough to look up and over into the room more.

To my disbelief I saw 4 Beings. They 3 were looming over me, one in a corner peering into my near-empty closet in my small room. They were tall, heads nearly touching the ceiling. Obviously the Greys I had heard of and even drawn at time for fun, but they were not the diminutive 3-ft-tall snarky cartoons I had drawn nor the innocent big eyed types from Close Encounters.

They were huge. Bigger heads than I had drawn or imagined, ever, no mouths that I recall, the 'typical' (note the irony of that) big eyes at a slant. Their skin was translucent, a grey-ISH colour but not just grey. Blue was infused as well, and the magenta light shone through bits like the finger tips. Their necks were longer than anything I had imagined as well as their limbs and fingers. They had 3 long fingers and a thumb, unlike my silly takes which had 4 fingers and thumb. I also saw as they moved their heads and hands, and limbs, that they had no skeletal structure to speak of, maybe cartilage instead. They were freakish to me as they moved their fingers in a disjointed manner, fluidly, and their necks were sinuous, snakelike.

They were standing over me, the 3, conversing. One turned its head to look at the wall, which I thought odd. A blank wall. Why would an empty wall be a point of observation for it? The other two continued a few moments looking at one another, and I could feel/hear a buzzing which was their speaking. The noise set me on edge even more as it was unpleasant to hear. I suppose in a way it is best described as worse to hear than fingernails on a chalkboard which does not really bother me. This did. Something about the frequency just made me uncomfortable in a distinct way.

One noticed my feeble movements and looked down at me. Meaning it cranes its neck down and to the side to look at me in a grotesque manner, as its lack of solid bone structure was hideous to behold as its neck bent in two places. That and its similarly bendable fingers were the hugely 'alien' factors to me, since nothing bipedal of this earth could move thus. I suppose it is what I am attempting to convey, the 'alien-ness' of it, or them, not inasmuch as 'aliens', but their absolute foreign movements which was not possible which made them alien to my senses, something not easily accomplished to one as myself steeped in movie special effects, monster movies, comics and the like.

I'm a cynical product of years watching special effects laden movies, studying the art of effects and being an artist. I make this a point because of the fear they generated. I am not one to flinch at grue, gore, or creature effects onscreen, as I know how it is done.

Suddenly seeming to have 4 genuine artifacts however briefly in one's small flat at night, uninvited and unexpected was horrific in every sense of the word. I say seeming to have as I am unable to prove NOR disprove the event, so I can only relate the event. When one noticed me it seemed irate, at the other in some way. The one looking at the wall looked back over at me, all 3 looking down, the 'leader' is the one who cranes its neck down and with that buzzing sound, forced somehow, it felt, me to translate it mentally into words. That was perhaps even more unpleasant than all of it. Sleep paralysis and night terrors I have endured, never had anything in any vision or nightmare given that much mental discomfort as that thing looking down at me and buzzing, impressing its thoughts forcibly somehow. I had pains in my head as it buzzed, the buzz and frequencies intensifying. All I can somewhat relate is if my brain was used to a 'normal' frequency in everyday life, this thing used its buzzing to forcibly 'tune' my brain as if it were a radio station. Forced telepathy through that buzzing sound which got louder as it 'spoke', the signal sharply painful and invasive, sending me the words in buzzing monotone,"Go back to sleep you are dreaming".
For it to choose those very words to 'send' was uniquely disturbing as well.

Everything went dark as if a light switch had been shut off, and I woke later that morning. I related this to my flatmate who was freaked out, and told me why. He had had similar 'dreams', some more frightening than mine. The part that stood out most was how he started lifting weights to ease his mounting frustration as I described the event or dream. When I mentioned the buzzing he really got angry, saying he hated that. He went on about how 'they' pissed him off in varied ways, and I was awestruck at his absolute acceptance and even familiarity with whatever they were. He finished a few sentences of mine as I floundered as I have here trying to describe sensations. He would say, 'And it feels this way', or 'and they made this sound' which were better descriptors (which I have forgotten), and accurate. All of it smacked of intrusion and being violated in some manner to him.

I later did a painting of the scene which I showed him, and he didn't want to look long at it. Naturally I titled the painting in the wording of what the thing spoke.

From my end it was an odd and singular occurrence made more disturbing by my friends affirmations of details of it. Do I believe on UFOs or aliens now? Oddly, not much more than before this. A mite less skeptical, but it would take much more than this to convince me.

Even, and I kid not, 2 small scars I have that I had forgotten till now, which are small yet unexplained don't convince me. I was one of those lads who had misadventures, and scars from them were trophies to compare to other friends or rivals adventures and proof of bravery and daring. So when I was young I had few, and knew where all but 2 came from. One on my shoulder and one on my chin. When I was a kid I would joke about aliens with friends when asked about a scar I had no idea I acquired. I made the jokes out of hearing of unexplained scars people had when abducted. Friends in the know of this fun fact would get the joke and we knew we had similar interests in reading is all.

Posted:2/23/2013 9:03:16 PM
Oh, thanks for reply! I had just recalled this post after watching some Paranormal series with niece. I will contact my friend who was with me when we hit the dog to verify details, and see what his current thoughts on it are.

Posted:2/23/2013 8:56:57 PM
Shadow People seem to be the most common factor in paranormal experiences amongst people I have spoken to over the years. Only one friend I knew ever felt frightened by them. He had a large window in his apartment with a streetlight or parking lot light, some very obvious light source which would shine at night onto his living room wall. He saw many Shadow People passing along the wall, and was frightened of them, eventually requesting friends to stay on at night to verify his experience, and I surmise, to console himself after verification that he was not going quite mad. He related that friends could indeed see them as clearly, and were unnerved as well, as the groupings of Shadows were large, I gathered from it a mental image of a parade of them in line, as would it look were his flat next to a busy sidewalk at night. He and friends did their best to debunk them, one standing at the doorway whilst the parade occurred. Naturally (or unnaturally) there were no pedestrians. So though his mind was put at ease, and his sanity, in regards to others witnessing the Shadow People, it did nothing to ally his fear of them.
I have seen them many times, though thinking on not now, not in some time. Perhaps it is location, or mindset or emotional state of viewer which either makes one more aware of them or no. My life has calmed down considerably from years ago, when much stress was involved and less sleep. I was never one to dabble with any mind altering substances save too much beer as a lad. Sleep deprivation and stress seemed to provide more occurrences in my experience, though that is a bit misleading as neither were involved every time. At whiles I would be fully rested and peaceful and yet see glimpses, as many say, out of the corner of one's eye, the Shadow vanishing upon an attempt to view them full-on, though even that has had the exception. I have at times been able to turn to see if anyone was truly there, and for a moment or two still have the Shadow standing where it was, or seemingly moving off quickly once it was spotted. Once or twice the Shadow stayed put, but vanished quickly.
I have not felt, at least to memory, any sense of malignancy from a Shadow, though as with many paranormal events momentary (or worse, longer) fear can infuse memories. I am a cynic by nature and have a 'prove it' mentality, yet for that have had many unexplainable events. Any time something occurs otherworldly, I first analyze it. I try to find a cause. Sometimes I do find it was overactive nerves, at times it is simply 'other'.
Shadows and Shapes are what I use for personal reference. Shadows seem to have no malign intent. Shapes do, they bring the 'wrong' feeling with them, that primal cold fear. Shapes and Shadows may be at times misconstrued, at least by me, as they both look very similar, though Shapes seem to be larger and darker, whilst Shadows seem less 'heavy' in context of form and feel. Shapes, as one sitting in a corner of a room have had me bolt out of the room, or even dwelling, waiting until I am confident they are gone. Shapes generally emanate, or at worst simply seethe with and radiate 'wrongness'. I have no desire to tangle with, converse with, nor have curiosity settled in regards to Shapes. I simply get away from them as quickly haste allows.
Shadows seem to merely be curious, or accidental, though more frequent in my life, thankfully so. It is (or was) the most curious one which allowed me to see them for perhaps 3 seconds longer than the typical 'soon as you look they vanish' ones. A few have just looked at me as I was looking at them before vanishing.
In retrospect, I cannot now recall any event involving more than one Shadow, which is why my aforementioned friend stood out amongst the people I spoke with over the years. Any associates of mine seem to have that commonality of a singular entity spotted at a time.
I did have a highly disturbing event involving 3-4 entities, however that is for another time and thread as they were most certainly no Shadows nor Shapes, but very tall Beings.

Posted:2/23/2013 7:49:57 PM
Until recently I had never heard much of animal ghosts. I had another incident in broad daylight a couple years after the driving one. I was walking around the corner to my apartment, and saw a dog running towards me, very briefly but vivid. He was transparent, obviously a ghost. I had a German shepherd years ago that vanished one night, running off into the dark to chase something as was his habit. He always came back, but that night he never returned. He was my best mate. I had gotten over his loss and wrote it off as a hopeful wish that he was found and given a good home. He vanished many years ago, this event was well over a decade later. I hadn't even been thinking of him in a long while. So it was a shock to get this glimpse of a very happy dog running towards me, oddly wearing a bandanna which he never did, yet somehow I had no question it was my dog. It seemed he was just saying hi. I spoke with a Native friend of mine, one of the very few I shared anything with. He said the dog was most likely just saying hi, exactly what I had felt. He said animals will do so, something I had never heard of nor ever expected to have happen.
Perhaps it is as you thought, Chico wanted to spend another night with you, perhaps his last night before he left. I imagine he may have simply warned off the other dogs, letting them know, HEY! Mamma is all MINE tonight! Sleep on the couch, guys!
Closer to what you experienced was my Mom, who also has a very clear connection to 'outside' things. Mom had an adopted dog,and it was time for her to be put to sleep as she was very old. My Mom was very sad as the dog had been with us a long time. She was there as the needle was put in, and felt the dog go. She said as the dog died, she looked at my Mom, who heard of all things (amazingly) a voice say clearly, "I never knew you loved me so much".
An ex of mine had always had Danes as pets growing up. Great dogs but sadly short-lived. The current one her family had and I got on famously. She said every Dane picks one favourite person, and he had picked me. It caused some consternation with her Mum when I drove up, as he would get very happy and excited when he heard my car pull up for visits. He would explode from the house and the race would be on, much running and wrestling and grass rolling would ensue til we were both exhausted.
When my ex saw this connection, she told me of one of the Danes she had been raised with, which picked her as its favourite person. Her family lived in a very rural area, plenty of space for the big dogs to run and play. This one would make the rounds before it slept, checking on everyone nightly before it went to its bed. When it was old, she had a visit one night unlike the others. He came in to check, but stayed with her, sleeping on her bed, quite out of character. In the morning they could not find him. She mentioned the visit, and everyone in her family had received one. Late they found him in a field or some such, which is why I mentioned the rural area. He knew it was his time, and made sure to spend extra time with them all individually.
Your experience is unique as I have never heard of an 'orb puppy' before. From what I have related, you can believe I think very easily that Chico was there for one last night of cuddling. Dogs are our best mates, full of love. Some cats as well, horses I hear as well. It is bittersweet for you, as I am sad you lost a buddy, but happy for you that he may have said goodbye in his own special way. Tough guy that I am I have a few tears in my eyes at the moment thinking of this, lol. I have a special place in my heart for dogs, animals, and those who love them as much as I do.

Posted:2/23/2013 7:22:04 PM
no damage at all, so far as I recall. He never mentioned anything but the 'goo'.