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Forum: soulmate

Posted:1/16/2012 7:33:08 PM
Sorry for the long delay mysticaura, I just saw your question, more than a year later. However, if you are still interested in the answer, here it goes.

Have you ever heard of the gospel of Thomas? (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gospel_of_Thomas) It is a gospel believed to be genuine by the Church. However, it did not make the official gospels for reasons not clear to me. What it is clear to scholars is that the gospel is genuine. Search for it, you will find lots of information. Therein lies the first clues about the 5 Trees.

When a human being is born, he or she strives to find elusive answers, and fill gaps, such as the purpose of existence and the unexplainable need to eliminate solitude (or the search for a soulmate, the missing half). If you live an empty life, you will certainly find no answers, but if you seek wisdom, then you will begin to see.

Wisdom is the first Tree in the valley of Life, Solomon's treasure. The reason you need to search for Wisdom is to find the next Tree in the path to divinity and self-realization: Truth. The entire bible is a text designed for men to reach the first Tree, the Tree of Wisdom.

Truth is the second Tree, and it governs all that is good on our physical world. When people ignore Truth great distress takes place inside and outside you. Few people can reach this stage. Thruth is the the antithesis of evil. Think about all the things that live in the dark, the death produced by lies.

You seek for the Truth in order to see and find the value of Love, the third Tree.

The son of man explained it clearly, but only those who find Wisdom and see the Truth and live by it can understand and live in Love.

Once you reach that stage and let all the manifestations of Love govern your life, then you will be able to see the Light, the fourth Tree. Jesus is the greatest manifestation of Love the world has seen, and he is the light, the zenith of wisdom and the greatest warrior of the Truth.

Light will lead you to find your true Soulmate, and in perfect acordance with it, you can then reach the fith and final Tree, when you become ONE.

You can only reach the heavens if both partners can become one. Search for clues on the bible, and what Jesus says about becoming one. This is the great mystery of men.

The meaning of the five trees were were revealed to me in a sort of vision in Jerusalem a few years ago, at a time in which I asked God to assist me in the search for wisdom.

Hope this helps. LaPuntica

Posted:10/9/2010 9:02:01 PM
A few years ago I saw an airplane accident before it happened. It was an American Airlines flight going from Miami to Cali, for which I had a seat reserved in executive class. 2 or 3 days before the flight, I got an alternate route via Panama (from Toronto). Both planes, mine and the one from AA were landing at the same hour. I thought the plane I was travelling in was going to crash into the mountains. I saw a clear vision of the lights of the planes flashing in the night while it descended through the clouds straight into the mountains. I had had the feeling all day since I left Canada in the morning.When I finally got to Cali (Colombia), I was relieved to be wrong, only to find out later that the plane from Miami never got there. I was shocked. I have since had similar visions. Today I didn't take a trip because I felt a strange anguish. I learned to listen to my gut feelings. I don't believe I have any kind of special powers, but I do know that something or someone out there gives me warnings.LaPuntica.
Forum: soulmate

Posted:10/9/2010 8:45:35 PM
When you arrive into the world, you arrive divided. Therefore, your soulmate is the half that you need to find in order to become one.A person does not reach the kingdom alone, he or she needs to complete his-herself to achieve the light and divinity. But first, the divided soul must understand the meaning of the five trees that prosper in all seasons, which where left here as a roadmap to become wholesome. The proper sequence of the trees will unfold the face of your soulmate, but that will only get you half-way there.Only seeking real wisdom, will reveal the glories of truth, the wonders of love, and the vision of light. When the light is reached, you will be granted the treasures of being one. You can then rest. Mystery revealed in a Jerusalem park while walking at a time of great personal distress.LaPuntica.