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Posted:3/28/2014 5:47:09 AM
Assuming good sightings arent hoaxes, there are plenty caught on camera. As far as what spirits are...who knows. I once had a theory. A lot of my experiences make me think their is just ghost and demons and its all above my intelligence. However, if the sightings are nothing creepy and seem to be glimpses of people or events in the past...maybe thats what were seeing? I visualized it like one of the current ideas of the big bang theory in that you have sheets lets say, of different dimensions, and at times these sheets collide. Well, what if space and time have sheets that do this? So were standing at location a in time a, but we see an accident letting us see location a time b. B could be past or future.

Posted:3/23/2014 9:16:17 AM
Assuming hes real, you have a being who got the boot by his dad for not listening and being a dick. Lol.

Posted:3/23/2014 8:54:47 AM
Thats a good idea. Its been a long time that I spoke with the family that owns the farm. A blackhole was the only word I could use sometimes. Most encounters never made me afraid. Startled yes, but never shaking in my boots. That is most. That big entity was different. I could probably have an alien look threw a window and not fight the same nervousness that thing got out of me. Nothing about it felt human. As in was it a ghost of a person? Im talking out of my ass at this point. I know no facts, just that gut feeling. The aggression was animal like. All encounters started with it pacing back and forth like an issue with territory.

Posted:3/23/2014 4:27:32 AM
Hello, new user and happy to join. Im seeking opinions on what I witnessed as a young man. I always just didnt care or it made great spooky stories for camping. However looking back I would like to at least know more about what I encountered. I tried emailing professionals educated in oregons indian tribes about spirit and grave site beliefs. I didnt get much other than myth about stick people. I know stick men are not the answer. Cant be.

The setting was in the Willamette valley, tribe native there would have been the kalapuya people. Several farms were near an island and the river only seperated the two banks only maybe ten feet in some areas. I was only a guest and did not or own any land, so any involvements about human remains im not in the know and assume property owners handled anything they found legally. Anyway, what I was told, was a burial site was found and if it was graves or just a site filled with items and no graves was not known by my self. They were all good people so I assume whatever was dug up was reported. Well, at this point in my life I believed in the paranormal but never seen anything proof positive. Then it happened. Whatever date that was, I do remember it being around 10pm. Had a freind with me, parked the car near the river, both got out to bs and hang out. We both noticed the fog on the other side on the island was just thick enough to not have a maglight penetrate. Distance was probably 20 yards. We both shut up and heard branches breaking. At first softly, possibly by foot. I tried my mag light, and asked who was out there. After I asked, it started walking faster back and forth near the bank breaking limbs, after a while it got violent with how it broke them. Then, the screaming started. It was like a boiling tea kettle mixed with a super high pitched woman. Long and drawn out screams as it kept breaking limbs all while running back and forth. We left after being spooked.

On another night, I finally got the visual. I guess. Lol. I get my car stuck near a blackberry patch and different freind and I get out to try and push it out while in neutral. We succeed. Then my freind has the most serious look and says get in the car. I turn and look...there it was...foot steps being made in the grass live...coming towards us. We had just sceen the grass part and weight put down. Nothing was there except looking up...tall, shoulders were huge, im talking something nearing that 12 foot mark and massive. Yet, it was see threw, with an outlined contour that seemed distorted like a heat wave. We got out of there so fast I was spooked good for a few days.

On this same land, I had other issues like something rushing at me at night then stopping just before im able to see it. A day time encounter at the same location I parked my car and heard the branches break and it screaming; it was in the afternoon, nice and sunny day, I stopped and thought I heard a muffled womans voice that seemed like vocal garbage. Then right as the wind picked up, the sound of kids giggling and laughing fallowed that wind and came from the island in an open grassy area. The sound was moving with the blades of grass. Its as best as I can describe it.

Anyway, im wanting opinions. Was there a gardian of graves? A spirit protecting land? this whole area of land is like a blackhole for weird stuff. I have so many more things I have seen...such as the night before a freind killed him self, we had a party, and I wasnt drinking that much. I freaked seeing this torso float out from the tree line...no arms, legs, or part of her face. Lasted seconds is sll. When I went back inside their home, I looked at a painting of a long dead family member. It was her dress.

My life has been kind of boring sense.