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Posted:3/24/2010 10:34:15 PM
According to infromation from the Holy Bible...Angels have free will and do not procreate on there own. Adam was the first human specimen created and he was created in the image of god, therefore we can assume that that being true, angels were also created in the image of god. At least the type that were able to procreate with woman.  The argument that angels would never have sexual relations with woman can be nulified by the fact that the bible also talks about a whole legion of angels who fell with Lucifer, before or during the creation of our blessed planet.  I have also researched a watcher type of angels who do not feed on thought, but given the right vessel, in a location close to god (gods creations) can impant holy or enlightned thoughts to humans who are willing to except good. If there are types of angels that do this then it makes sense that fallen versions of these angels may feed on (implant or suggest) evil, given the right vessel in the right location.