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Posted:6/12/2014 2:59:44 PM
I live in Keystone Hieghts Fl on 6/6/2014 my dog was losing looking out the window, when I look out and seen a canine looking animal.Got dog calmed down I seen it go behind garage .I went out and walk behind garage it's was standing 20ft from me,it did not seem to want to attack.It was 50 to 60 # no hair on its body a brown leathery skin muscular front shoulder sloping down to it back legs.It went to the field and I followed for about 70ft it turned and look at me I tried to call it. Then it turned and loped off not like a dog but a hyena.My wife an I both witness this,I did not have a camera but since have put a trail camera out.Went on line closest thing I could find Chupracabra. If get pic will post it

Posted:6/12/2014 2:40:40 PM
Things people have seen that make you say what the heck was that!