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Posted:1/4/2013 9:44:46 AM
@ Jazerback & Breeld, Thanks also for the welcome.

@ Bobprin, Not really fixiated with either. Heh.
Forum: New Member

Posted:1/3/2013 6:05:07 PM
@ Spooky1. Thanks for the Welcome!

@ WereParadox. I have come to do your bidding!
Forum: New Member

Posted:1/3/2013 2:50:25 PM
Heya everyone,

I just signed up here. I'm interested in pretty much all the subjects you explore here. So this looks like another great online resource.

I'm a member of a local paranormal group, NPS, Nebraska Paranormal Society.


I'm also a programmer for an awesome, long running radio show, EUP, Exploring Unexplained Phenomena.


Feel free to stop by and check us out.

See you on the screen!

Matt Mundorf