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Posted:1/14/2014 9:53:32 AM
And yes your correct malach osiris&isis are the main gate keepers to hell and hades is the book keeper making sure the wrong people dont end up there and the,ones inside never,leave sounds,like you eather died or some deity gave you a vision for some sort of purpose young man

Posted:1/14/2014 7:38:39 AM
Malachi that is odd simply for the fact that we both have had similiar but not completely the same visions ive only had it the time I die and came back from getting shot

Posted:1/13/2014 10:17:45 PM
Plus most demons woukd never have sex with humans except for vampires,werewolfs,succubus&incubus but those four types are slutty and sex with humans is disgusting yuck!! Humans only think of sex not love and denons are only capable of sex with there lover and no I dont want some pointless argueing malachi guy

Posted:1/8/2014 1:31:03 PM
You know what malachi anyone can talk shit I dont care if your a 7foot tall monster no one disrespects me and gets away with it you think your a bad ass how bout facing me man to man no backup asshole I swear I wont go easy on you and ill show you a true daemon piece of shit stop bullying and face me coward im tired of you

Posted:1/8/2014 1:17:13 PM
First off malachi this is between us bobprin has nothin to do with this second your a coward of a man askin him for makes you less then a man woman have more balls then you a real man fights his own battles and third you really want to risk your health and life simply do to your ignorance convinced my kind dont exist fine by me but if you have the balls to call me out you better face me one on one only a cowardly bitch asks friends to fight his battles or help in a fight

Posted:1/8/2014 10:45:25 AM
Seriously malachi why dont you get your head out your ass maybe people would like you better I never said I only have 1 friend I have many friends your so bent on disrespecting demons talk shit to me in my face ill give you a early grave tell me whefe you live ill fly over there right away simply to kill you send you to hell where you belong I know your not gods kid cause god would not disrespect ever person different from him seriously feel like hiding behind a computer talkin shit go on facebook asshole I wont hesitate to kill you piece of shit if you got nothin nice to say shut your mouth you dumbass demons are not evil your the one acting evil your a disgrace to true prophets I know ive met them there nicer then you

Posted:1/8/2014 10:02:31 AM
There is no reason to act like a slut opening legs,and have sex to forget ghost problem how bout getting a medium to help you talk to ghost maybe it will forgive you wont hurt to try :)

Posted:1/8/2014 9:50:38 AM
Also the crystal type eyes only appear on shadow people whil on shadow daemons our eyes are more like a mix between a dead person when they die with there eyes open and crystals but probly not as shiny and it is well documented that demons and angels alike have been known to take forms of humans while in this realm and this is a intellegent conversation so if you feel the need to talk shit or be a bullying idiot go on twitter or some of those odd sites its also documented humans tend to make excuses for themselves or pray to gods when there struck by things they cant explain so I understand why some of you pretend im some crazy human as you cant explain how im posing as a 25yr old with a dead humans name yet ive only been on this planet 15 human yrs which I dont understand years as in my realm we go by cycles in whch each 1000 human yrs equals a cycle

Posted:1/7/2014 4:08:55 PM
And on another note shadow people are not to be mistakin with my kind the shadow daemons/demons though we exist in same realm or come from same realm to be precise we are like yin and yang to eachother there is a balance between us shadow people are the dark side to my people the fire to our water etc

Posted:1/7/2014 10:11:39 AM
Ok I guess I should tell of the three death bed visions ive had the first time I died was 14yrs ago I was bout 11 or 12 in human yrs which Ive yet to understand many human concepts lol anyway what happened was I was at school and there was a school shooting in LA I used my own body to protect my first human friend and I guess I blacked out cause when I woke up it was 5days later I had been in a coma and what I saw in my vision or dream was 2 tall towers getting hit by planes and falling down few years later the twin towers burned down. The second time I was with some human (hippy) friends lol and we were partying & I had gotten drunked and hit by a car I guess I didnt see I died for 10min my friend who gave me CPR said and the third time I died I was with one of my best friends whome was human and new truth bout me of what I am but never judged any way we were in LA on vacation this was last year in febuary & there were some idiot gang people last I remember I guess they mistook us for a rival gang did a drive buy we both got shot I think he jumped in front of me when I woke up on the ground the docters said they were surprised I was alive I was dead for 20 min but my friend stayed dead and truth is I dont hate all humans I just hate the religious ones that think all daemons/demons are evil and dont deserve to live so im not for religion it only corrupts peoples minds