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Posted:1/7/2011 1:16:13 PM
Demonic horse statues with glowing red eyes.Kevlar rooftops.Swastika shaped runways.Masonic symblism everywhere.Gorgoils.Murals of dying poisoned people.Underground cities.Tons after tonnes of earth excavated for years.Oh yeah,its all just in our imagination erysian.

Posted:1/7/2011 1:06:11 PM
Sounds like youre familly might be being abducted nutter.Have you thought of hypnosis?It might reveal something.Most abductees can go through their entire lives without knowing.And they say it usually goes from childhood and stays within the familly.Give it a try.What have you got to loose?

Posted:1/7/2011 12:25:45 PM
so she can travel back in time ,but cant use a talking device coz there are no towers ,lol.And that woman is a man dont ya think?Even though the strongest possibility is that the person in question is merely scratching her ear and singing,there is still enough in the film to make it just that bit different.A feeling you get after watching it.A feeling that something is just not quite righLike the person said before,the body language is not right.She seems to notice shes being filmed then tries to cover her actions.Also she definatly appears to be talking into something held to her ear.All too weird if ya ask me.Yet again,it still could be quite innocent.Thats why were here.To talk and work these things out.Anythings possible,you only have to think about space and time to appreciate that.

Posted:1/7/2011 11:59:48 AM
Starlings where found in another town months before the blackbirds in arkansas.They too just fell from the sky dead before they hit the ground.Logically,if you think about it,if birds are dead before they hit the ground,ie 5,000 of them,then it has to be foul play.If it was poison they would have to have eaten at the exact same time.And do ya really think all 5,000 of them would have a heartattack all at the same time also?No my gut feeling,and thats all it is right now,is that it was some kind of shock weapon,either being tested or accidentaly used.A kind of wave ,sound energy bomb.Witnesses from all over testified that they heard loud bangs shortly before the incidents.Its the only thing that makes any sense right now.