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Posted:4/26/2011 10:54:23 AM
The ignorance of the world is based on making affirmations on things you dont know the whole truth about, I never said i actually believed it was Mary, that could be a number things in the sun. Naivete? your what the french call "les incompetant"

Posted:4/26/2011 10:25:13 AM
There's no way Joshy knows what that is, if it was made by an alien its still too much for his and our peon brains to comprehend, lets not make judgements and affirmations to what is true without fully considering that there is no way to prove either way what the fuck is in the sun. Lets just remember though, no on believed Jesus was the th Son of God. Also, naive is not the word, I do believe the government has conspiracies, and decieves the world, but when people think everything is a God damn conspiracy theory it gets to my nerves, for all we know that could be mother Earth showing herself, because everyone forgets that Mother Earth is real God we should pray to, not the phallic symbol we use as God, the Earth mother is always forgotten..... Think a little

Posted:4/25/2011 10:39:22 AM
is anything ever taken at face value anymore? it seems like every event that happens is a smoke screen for something else.

Posted:4/25/2011 2:18:16 AM
Uhh ya so thats pretty legit, i bet the camera doesnt do the actual sight justice, seeing it with your own eyes would probably be more vivid. Looks like hmmm 2nd coming of you know who, to judge the living and the dead??

Posted:4/20/2011 12:56:26 PM
How about whyy is it in the middle of no where missing an arm and leg?... lets start there.

Posted:4/19/2011 10:41:44 AM
the organism does not have any genetalia, there is no dried up blood or bodily fluid in the areas, and there should be ... considering his leg is missing from the thigh down... no sign of a crash or anything... honestly it looks like the thing was placed there and is a fake. but who really knows.

Posted:3/21/2011 8:08:24 PM
its people like you that ruin this world, the girl obviously took the time to write four articulated paragraphs about her experiences, have some sympathy. I'd say to let swamptick investigate, and don't let any person or spirit push you around, even if its the devil. God's light conquers all.

Posted:12/6/2010 6:21:35 PM
Its almost scary, if he picked up on my thoughts, i really have to be careful what i think. I haven't got the ferrari ive been thinking about though.

Posted:12/1/2010 11:40:18 AM
Whenever I do my regular tasks throughout the day I find myself thinking about other situations, unable to focus on the task at hand unless I try to. Example: I'm doing the laundry and see one of my favorite shirts, this object makes me think for some reason...and my imagination has an image where my brother takes and starts wearing it, I am a very cleanly individual and the thought of him wearing it grosses me out. The next day he is wearing it with pit stains lol. Forethought? or just random coincidence of a probable conclusion?  This is just one example... i have these images frequently while doing random things, and cannot tell if its just a thought, or the future...
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Posted:11/23/2010 2:31:29 PM
it seems to me, that it is more of a delusion than reality. Sense data that our brain receives is sometimes misunderstood to be real. If this is something that other people have seen then it is truly paranormal, you should try to document this somehow.