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Posted:4/1/2010 7:24:29 AM
Officially this called hypnagogia. These dreams between waking and sleeping are different, ofter eerie and sleep paralysis is normal with these.I still believe there is more to dreams than science's poor understanding of them but hopefully that word gives some frame of reference for finding out more and knowing that none of you are insane! I think C.G. Jung experimented with these quite a bit and its a poorly kept secret that his academic theories of the dream world were the watered down version for the boring scientists ;-)I guess we're talking about gateways here then!

Posted:4/1/2010 7:09:56 AM
This is also a fantasy of mine. I never found anything but then I was looking for evidence that the "good" secret societies survived the corruption of their outer circles that became more prominent and well known. I never found evidence of that model either :(I have a feeling that the nature of "good societies" is corrupted by formal organisation and that they arise and disappear spontaniously, inspiring eachother over the span of decades or centuries. Depressing if your looking for good secret societies, encouraging when you considder that an organisation without a formal hierarchy can't be destroyed.I'm still keen to hear more about what Fulford was writing about. I'll check it out but no good news from me I'm afraid.

Posted:3/28/2010 7:17:03 PM
Whate else to say? The only remaining mystery is why its so hard to accept the book's well known history in our modern age. When more people do we can at least focus on the more original texts and study those instead. The assyrian tablets, some of the nag hammadi texts and maybe find some more before its too late. I don't believe in these ones literally either but I still think they hold more value than a book short-listed and censored by the Roman government.So much fascinating history is being ignored because so much focus remains on the bible. I think its lack of credibility and originality is well established now. As far as symbolism goes, its rich in meaning but why take it literally anymore?Are there any scholars here who can provide some confirmation or contradict our views?

Posted:11/16/2009 12:38:32 AM
I just re-re-read my comment. Ouch. I must add that the article was quite positive and uplifting.

Posted:11/16/2009 12:30:43 AM
Reads like a promotional piece. Ironically, this one reminds me of some Pentecostal Christian churches I've been dragged to as a kid.They both tend hate eachother while pretending to hold love and compassion for the "damaged souls" in the other camp. I'm generalising of course. Every movement has its extremists.

Posted:11/15/2009 3:25:16 AM
The funniest review of the LHC I've ever read."Summarising, then, it appears that we might be in for some kind of invasion by spontaneously swelling and shrinking spherical or wheel-shaped creatures..."lol, what a spoiler!

Posted:11/15/2009 3:07:51 AM
It's good to hear of a paranormal investigation (psychic, by the sounds of it) that actually resulted in something!