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Posted:4/28/2011 4:47:08 PM
If the world was in a modern day Anti-governing/Anarchist rule society how would people view the paranormal? 

Posted:4/24/2011 7:13:12 PM
 I was trying to emphasize more so that the media is centered around a part of the paranormal subject. i.e shows like Ghost Hunters and Paranormal State. shows that are entirely based around commmon beleifes of ghosts and hauntings. Ther aren't many shows that at least try to cover the entire spectrum of the subject. Such as Lost Tapes I fell in love with that show for a lot of reasons, mainly because it wasn't just the same old "a good mystery = desire to fullfill" type show. Because every episode it was something new something different. Basically I'm trying to say that I personally would like it if more of the media thats rated adn classified as "paranormal" had more variety...

Posted:4/24/2011 4:30:53 PM
 Does anyone else think that the general subject of the paranormal has been overwhelmed for the most part, partly or mainly due to mainstream media? I'm not ncessecarily calling out andone or anything specifly (like Paranormal Activity or Ghost Hunters) just generally speaking because not to many people think of the paranormal outside the realm of fiction or ghosts, poltregeists, hauntings and things of that nature. And if its not that its usually other rather mainstream toics such as Area 51 and Rosswell. Rarely does the topic of the paranormal involve anything like Cryptozoology or just the unknown in general. Maybe it's just me, but theres just not much new media aout the topic itself, more so about small parts of the subject.

Posted:10/17/2010 11:56:47 AM
 Well its not so much my experience but my Aunts. She pretty much became a "paranormal investigator" right out of college, but not like the somewhat iconic local paranormal investigator. More like the international traveler sort of investigator (as cliche as that sounds). She was sure that she wanted this carrier until right after she returned from her 1st investigation with her "partner" (who is now her husband). They were in Manwan, Conrwall investigating more recent reports of "the Owlman" (sometimes compared and or contrasted with America's "Mothman"). they were planning on being there for 2 months ("no more, no less") and somewhere around the 5th week of they're investigation She heard something "strange" coming from the near by wooded area she grabbed 1 of the cameras and "barely got 15 feet away from the campsite" when she "saw it". She described it as being "very large, somewhere around 8-10 feet tall. and seeing the glowing red eyes before she saw any other part of it and it was a shade of red that she had never seen before". but as he tried to take pictures she realized that there was no film in the camera but instead of running back and getting film she just "watched for the short amount of time" she could before it "flew away" and in her words "vanished into the darkness"...