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Posted:9/28/2011 6:11:13 AM
Hi guys im new to this forum and would like to add my two bits My religion is mainly christian but I promise i wont preach to you. I do however will use a quote from the bible once in a while to make a point .I have tons of spiritual experience wich i will share with time. pls feel free to grill me all u want. anny ways there is a vere in the bible that says annyone who hates his brother is a murderer as well as the power of life and death is in the tongue. not only can your emotions and your words afect your own health but also the health of others the point i want to make is for instance people who go through life biter and unforgiving stand a biger chance to get cancer for instance than people who dont. so my reasoning demons who r real creatures can give you many many difrent kinds of diseases not just physycally but emotional and spiritual as well