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Posted:5/7/2012 3:25:46 PM
i am no good at copying pasting so here is one article that i found almost immediately flouridereaction.ca/articles/flouride-and-the-pineal-gland/ having posted here many times this is the first time i have been said to be in league with the icewolf lol what is that about.

Posted:5/7/2012 7:35:24 AM
A good place to start where physics meets metaphysics would be The Sourcefield Investigations by David Wilcox, he does an excellent job explaining the physics behind the religion, although in all honesty religion was invented by man to control man. As for GOD we are all gods, we are all creator beings, this is what so-called religious sects/gangs have denied you since we allowed religion to take away from us our power to understand this, Another couple of good reads concerning the electromagnetic forcefields that surround us here on earth and its effects on us is Lynn Mctaggert called The Field and Michio Kaku does a cracking job explaining the physics behind some of the mysteries known to man like time travel. in Parallel Worlds.

Posted:5/7/2012 7:16:37 AM
"There are many countries that do not use flouride in the water and i know of none of them that have some greater psychic awareness due to the lack of flouride" ? so please tell me where you researched this factor ? Flouride is well known to damp down the spirits, so to speak, it is why it was given out in schools, and it has nothing to do with teeth, there is much written about its affects but this si by far the worse, dental hygeine can be acheived without the use of it, and for those of you who maybe concerned the affects can be reversed, the vitamin k2 has been known to help which can be found in skate liver oil which come in capsule forms. Of course i have only picked up on one foodstuff, another being wheat. Wheat causes thickening of the artieries and cancer, have you noticed that the food agencies have found a way to put wheat or its by-product into virtually every foodstuff they can get it into.

Posted:5/6/2012 12:54:39 PM
The moon is big because its closer to the earth than usual, as is most years about this time.

Posted:5/6/2012 12:35:52 PM
Huh, are you joking ? the pineal gland is in your brain!! And it produces Melatonin, also it's extremely useful to animals to "assess" the situation for their surroundings, its the shape of a pinecone hense its name. Some call it your third eye, and i would think that there is a good reason for this, and one only has to do some digging to realise the harm of flouride does to it [flouride calcifies].It has nothing to do with HP Lovecraft or S King.

Posted:5/6/2012 11:28:48 AM
Time was made up by man to measure his worth to his superiors,[before the measuring of time, men only observed the seasons, time was invented along with the concept of wages] that is all, because in all other senses of the word time is an illusion, like everything else.

Posted:5/6/2012 11:24:34 AM
Where i live in England on the 12th April 2012 late afternoon i heard an extremely loud what seemed to be thunder but wasn't as the earth somehow rumbled for a few seconds. Now over here in England the story was, that it was 2 jets that were scrambled, codswollop, as there was a photo released of a strange shaped UFO in relation to what the loud banging was. I didn't really give it much thought until i watched episode 20 series 4 of fringe, and the bangs on the episode are exactly what we were hearing here, on the program fringe some people who were experimented on years ago as children were going to certain places and setting of somesort of earthquake, they had to close down the portal to the other earth timeline to stop it from happening again, so perhaps there is more to this than we could possibly know.

Posted:5/6/2012 11:06:45 AM
This a bold statement but one i must shout out from the rooftops. The flouride in the toothpaste you use "KILLS" the Pineal gland. Its also put into the water so unless you are absolutely certain that your local water authority does not include flouride then i may suggest you stick to the bottled variety or at least filter and boil it.
Now i will explain what you Pineal gland is for for those of you who maybe unsure, this is the gland which enables allsorts of psychic and metaphysical abilities that lay within each of us. Its also a useful tool so much so that in the 70s schoolchildren were given them in tablet form, to dumb us down and kill of any abilites that can distract us from realising who we really are and what we are capable of. TPTB do not want you to realise that you are being programmed and controlled via all kinds of unsavoury ways and this being one of the worst atrocities to befall mankind, there is of course much more i will add to this thread, as its only the tip of the iceberg here.