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Posted:8/12/2014 9:29:48 PM
about 7 years ago i was in bed with my boyfriend. for whatever reason, i got out of bed and started walking down the hallway. as i'm walking i have my right hand on the wall, sliding it along as i'm walking. i get halfway down the hall and stop. at this point i can see into the livingroom and see a tall dark(all shawdow) man with a hat on. don't know why i know he was facing me but i knew. could only see outline of him and could tell he was about 6'3" as he's standing under the celing fan. after a few seconds i turn around and go back to bedroom. i shake my boyfriend and ask him if he saw man in livingroom. i get into bed and fall asleep immediately. when i woke up in am, my first thoughts were about what happened. i thought about if it were a dream....but no, too realistic. i use to sleepwalk as a child but never remembered or was aware of what i was doing. i know i had no thoughts going on in my head while this was happening...almost like i was compelled to get up and go there. just close enough to see him. i've been thinking alot about him this past week that's why i'm writing this. would appreciate an opinion.