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Posted:6/9/2010 8:16:56 PM
my son david and i were out in our yard where we lived in 2004, approximately 1:30 a.m., just talking and stargazing when suddenly from the south this light came quickly toward us. as it got right over our house...and it was bigger than the house !...it hovered there over the house for , if i had to guess 2 minutes or so. i say if i had to guess because time seemed to stand still. i know that doesn't even make sense , but it did. everything was quiet except for the low hum of the craft. it was hovering directly above the house. it was shaped like a GIANT black triangle with a circular light at each point end of the triangle. no windows in the house rattled no winds from the object. 460 is normally a very busy highway even in early am hours, but i recall no traffic during this time. my son david said "mom, do you see...? "...and before he could finish his sentence i said "Yes, david"....as soon as we exchanged these words the craft moved swiftly northward and then took what looked like a 90 degree turn eastward and sped up to what i have only seen in sci fi movies and stuff. like warp speed...and was gone. david and i stood there in disbelief at what we'd just seen but at the same time, knowing we had because we were together and both saw it. he drew pictures of it so we could verify what each of us had seen....we were still in disbelief , i guess...but the drawings were indeed what i saw too.            also... LITTLE triangular shaped...i guess needle marks...puncture marks..best i can describe them.. have randomly appeared on my skin since 2002...no explanation as to how/why/what...it is baffling.

Posted:6/9/2010 7:54:00 PM
i was playing the sims at 12:23 am, i always have a habit of glancing at the time...anyways, i had been playing for about 45 minutes when i had to go pee. well, never in my life has it took me very long to pee, but when i got back to the living room to continue my game, the clock said 5:30 am. i was dumbfounded....i thought the clock somehow malfunctioned...so i checked other clocks and even the t.v. news for the time. all 5:30 am. i still didn't believe it so i went outside to see the beginning traces of dawn. i still, to this day do not know how i lost about 5 hours going to the bathroom. this is only one of many time lapses throughout my life.