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Posted:2/9/2012 10:32:03 AM
I never had an OBE as a child but I do have a first memory that has haunted me my entire life. Id appreciate ANY imput. When I was about 2-3 months old I remember being taken to a hospital and in a room with a round shaped machine in the middle. I was put in it. There were screens lined in every direction and all I remember was blurs of colors , lots of different music and noises in the background and every screen was rapidly showing information in an ultra fast rate. I know its not a dream because every time id bring it up with my parents theyd change the subject and try and distract me until I finally gave up. Has anyone else had this experience or know what it was or its purpose. My dad works for the government so thats even more offputting IMO. Thanks

Posted:6/1/2011 2:30:47 AM
 Thank you for your positive refreshing view. Here in NE WV our weather is usually very predictable and nice. For the last month it has been cloudy and oddly windy/lightning filled day/night and ive only seen the sun about 4 days . Every other has beein about ten minutes sun for every 6 hours of clouds which is odd. Im into the agricultural side of businees and melding tech with agg business so ive always watched the weather patterns/temps/ pollution and stuff fairly close. I know there are a group of us out there that KNOW that we need to change our way before they collectively drive us into the ground but I worry that the lazy people in power will wait until the world is crashing around our heads to realize how serious its getting. Yeah I dont think we'll just blow up but at the risk of sounding like a hippie- for a few years now I feel like our race isstabbing mother earth in the back and its gonna figure out a way to come round and kick our ass for it... and I agree with your views of our depleting natural resources.  When I look around here- 10 yrs ago even, my county had one large town and 2 sub-town sized places and that was it -the rest was orchards or farms. Now there are about 8 decent farms left (my family holding the last full size 300 acre land plot, the orchards died or were burned for constuction and now our small "town" is considered the suburbs of DC and Baltimore MD, which terrifies me as they are both an hour  away... I pray that people wake up and realize exactly what you said-that if we service the earth it wont let us down but it can only take it for so long. It gives me hope that someone put into words exactly what I was thinking just too tired to type so thanks again! Also on another note- "if" there happens to be any extraterrestials out there looking at earth and seeing what were doing hopefully they dont decide they need to take the reigns to stop us from destroying ourselves or worse decide were an infestation that needs to be stopped.It just seems for every one logical person like you there are 20 that are willing to exploit or damage the planet and/or space for their own agenda! Safe is relative

Posted:5/28/2011 2:42:33 AM
 I have that feeling in my head ...more so as a kid but sometimes I still do... yes medically wldnt be a bad idea to check it out but I went through that to find out Im fine. I see the spots and for some reason when I practice using active psy training the flashes stop. For me I feel like its a certain type of energy we all have but some ppl have a higher production of it so when it flows over it effects you whether you plan it or not...

Posted:5/28/2011 2:35:53 AM
 does it bother anyone else that the world is ending and it seems like NO ONE is willing to say it but we all know it......... It feels like the world is collectively shutting its eyes and saying "its not real, its not real, its not real its just strange weather its just bad luck, its alllll coincidence"

Posted:5/28/2011 2:29:39 AM
 When I was  younger (2-4yrs old) After one of my bday parties my parents had put me in my crib and aas I was lying there trying to go to sleep A being came out of nothing and stood with its face pushed up against the bars of my crib and just stayed there. It was only tall enough for its head to come above the bottom edge of the crib. I was so young that everytime I tried to explain it was that it was like grover off of sesame street and I could see it PERFECTLY even in the dark. I was scared enough that I actually jumped the side of my crib and went to my parents which I had never done before...The second time I had an experience like this was about 5 years later when I was being watched by my aunt, I went to go outside and when I opened the door there was a bird like thing almost my size outside the glass outer door... In my memory it could talk although I cant pull back any actual words and I feel like If I didnt remind myself I saw it on a regular basis then the entire memory would fade... Point Being...lol...I think Kids are effected by the paranormal way more. Im 22 now and unless I go looking for trouble I dont seem to find it but those two events were just a small part of the paranormal "happenings" in my early life.... If anyone else has seen anything like mine id love to know....

Posted:6/16/2010 9:43:53 PM
For some reason LOST made me come up with my current theory of time. I think time is IN all essential ways that we know is meaningless and uncontrollable. I think that every decision we make the opposite decision starts a paralell dimention and sends the timeline out in a million different more directions and every variable to that situation adds another line in a direction from every moment and every decision in every point in time. The problem with this(or not really problem just the reality of this theory) is that in every moment there would be an infinate number of timelines running in every different direction everywhere in the universe. Thus would create the fabric of time. Possibly now or in the near future we will or will be discovering certain types of energy manipulation or forces that will be able to break the barier of our current line into another temporarily.  IE- interestingly this semi complements the theory that ghosts , demons, and other phenomenon are caused by their timeline crossing into ours temporarily or just closely allowing us to see,hear, or experience them. This also would allow semi explanation for certain places and reoccuring supernatural events or certain parts of the country more prone to see paranormal creatures regularly....mmmm just a thought.... If anyone knows anyone who has done research on this theory or one similar id appreciate any help finding it.

Posted:5/10/2010 10:31:00 PM
Me too in all the paranormal hype I think alot of people forget that just because messing with genetics and cloning is illegal that doesnt mean that no one does. Especially internationally....

Posted:5/10/2010 8:39:20 PM
In my own theory that Ive been working on completing since I was about 13- (5 yrs after my first paranormal experience) I believe that Satan or any evil entity will contact and try to tear down or kill anyone who it sees as a threat. Ive been working for a long time on my own intuition and understanding of negative neutral and positive energies and Ive come to believe that if you are extra sensitive to these forces and especially if you are to play an important role in the future or destiny of someone or something then your much more likely to have these visions, dreams, messages ect ect ect.... I believe it is a way for these evil entities to even the score with God or the higher power. The more important you are the more these things will try to break you and throw you off your path in some way. I agree that this doesnt and cant explain everything in the battles unseen around us but I do believe that this does make a certain bit of sense- and in some ways is backed up in most every religion and belief now and past.... If anyone would like a copy of my complete research on these matters and my own experiences and trips into the unknown my email is wvboarder2005@aol.com- I dont check my email every day so please be patient but if your patient I will respond with what you ask.Peace & hope to everyone- (and IMO if your suffering from any dark forces or entities in your life please contact someone, there are many-many people around the world who have in depth understanding of these matters<and im not talking about churches only- much help can be found through real psychics, pagans, and others> even if you think your crazy, and in my experience these things would love for you to feel this way, find someone to talk to. you should be able to find someone on this site or somewhere around the web who can help-and dont give up if your first try doesnt bear much resolution....)

Posted:5/5/2010 11:05:50 PM
I think its pretty ignorant that some people get a kick out of making something like this as a prank. It gets peoples hopes up and starts un needed confusion... I dont think that all circles are fake but I know that its always a possibility that some are. However there are reports of large designs perfectly made and appearing over a matter or hours. Also there are reports starting to come in that light spheres have been manifesting near the real crop circles. I dunno interesting subject and I think being open minded is the best policy.

Posted:5/5/2010 2:38:16 AM
In reality the end of the world in 2012 doesnt literally mean end of life ect ect ect. Its also believed that It could mean end of an age which means the dawn of the next. I dunno - its kinda crazy that alot of official governments are building underground mass bunkers in "unspecified" locations all over. If im gonna go - im gonna go out trippin like a flippin film festival- :^) see you all on the other side lol