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Posted:2/23/2011 6:00:06 PM
Fascinating, I should focus on getting a lucid dream one of these nights, it seems the astral plane has a lot to do with modern events... My belief is that we conduct a seperate life on the astral plane as a spirit.

Posted:2/22/2011 11:29:37 AM
Wow...that's creepy. I honestly believe that more recently there have been stronger spiritual occurences that can only be logically linked to the shift in the earth's magneto-sphere, and perhaps the increased solar activity.  Amazing stories though, kudos for posting this online. If you want to add me on facebook and send me a message to discuss this further my facebook name is "Chris James Albright". Seems that gnome has one hell of a personality, I wonder if it's living where your house now is on a different dimension...pretty interesting to me. I've had freaky supernatural experiences where I oftentimes ponder if some spirits just hate life for the sole purpose of it living and breathing...been a practicing wiccan for 6 or so years now. Am starting to hide that information from more people due to the misunderstandings witches get. Ever tried writing a note for the gnome to write back to you on? 

Posted:2/20/2011 11:19:58 AM
Also, directed at Lotterman.If someone truly wants revenge, no matter the size of their ego, they still have EMOTIONS.If you were in his shoes, with that kind of capability and mass - scale war under your control, what would you do? Would you wait, and strike only if you had to with such a weapon? Or would you bide your time, and take over by force if possible, and only resort to destroying Earth in the process if it was absolutely neccesary? 

Posted:2/20/2011 11:16:46 AM
I believe that if you quantum jump to your future self, this is one of MANY possibilities for how this era of humanity could or couldn't end.This is POSSIBLE. Is it PLAUSIBLE? that's a question for you, not the man who took his time to post this. If he truly has studied in Tibet, under monks, then he's much wiser than your average bloke, and recently Tibetans have been kicked out of their homeland by industrialized China. (If I got the name of the culture wrong, my apologies)If he's lieing, then so be it, he has bias. But we all have our own bias, and I can say personally being an American...that it's highly likely our country could resort to blowing up an anthrax facility and not properly judge it's ecological ramifications. Just, saying.

Posted:2/20/2011 11:00:51 AM
I think a key to our enlightenment is the understanding of how to deal with this brash nature that manifests itself in the human mentality. Honestly, everything from news to video games, to furniture, to hobbies, are all human-created and brought into this world. The flood of information is a whole 'nother realm of interpretation as well. If the astral plane truly exists, and all those things of old religions are actually "existent" in some form on a different dimension...aka, if string theory is true and there are minute dimensions everywhere around us... What of our DNA and brain aren't we using?

Posted:2/20/2011 10:49:08 AM
That...is amazing.  I've had some activity in the house involving occult type beings who have followed me a long time. I can't say whether I've first experienced them at my first home or second home. But for the most part ever since I've lived near Rock Lake in WI there's been a lot of paranormal activity going on for me. I've seen a figure siloheutted by a street light as it was walking towards me. (at the time I was learning to see auras with my eyes so I had been expanding the light of the street light in my perception when it started siloheutting it walking towards me.) Interesting though to hear you mention faeries, I'm starting to wonder if that would be the case for a lot of areas in America too. What if all the paranormal activity everyone is looking for are really disgruntled beings who, feeling wronged when they passed away, in addition to faeries? That's an amazing story though, all I can say is it seems from his mannerisms that he's encountered humans before and I'm guessing it wasn't a good thing when his species first encountered humans. Looking at it from a biological perspective.  Any more recent accounts? Seems as though the faerie would be partial to females moreso than males. That he even wanted you to see him is an amazing feat on it's own. I hear something in my basement all the time and sense numerous entities in my house that I can't describe past "what was that noise?" or "what is it I'm sensing that I can't see".