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Posted:5/31/2012 6:37:41 PM
well one thing i can tell ya's , is if there was a planet coming that close to earth ,we would see it by now and NO ONE has, they might have Photoshoped one on you tube ,but use your telescopes there is nothing unusual going on. Once again a whole lot of people have another whole lot of people thinking the Myans have predicted the end of the world,NO ,PLEASE listen to me ,Thank God ( literaly ) they found more paintings from the Myans on May 25 2012 check it out if you don't believe me ,anyway there are Mathematics 's that go at least another 7000 yrs.+ ,so if you have been frightened about these few things please relax and enjoy Life and try to keep all the negative far away from you and your loved ones .No matter what!! In a way the end gets nearer everyday right?! We all grow old and I know I want the people I love to know I tried to make every one I make contact with be Happy! So don't worry be Happy!!

Posted:5/31/2012 5:08:38 PM
 This is pretty cool and I actually know what Jeff is talking about and to my surprize even know what the helpers are saying !! I knew this many years ago but could not see it .God knows I like to feel my way not so much see my way !! So I admire jeff for his Vision . I have to admit I gave up OBE when my spirit was broken just as a horse has thier's broken ,But once I got in control of myself again ,then I became frightened about the Negetive beings that are out there and I have a memorey of happily haveing OBE at 3yrs old and flinging myself all through space ,it was awesome ,now if I could stop worrying about the negatives and how to avoid or deal with them I could play again .So if any one has any sugestions I would be so Grateful : )

Posted:1/5/2012 5:44:01 PM
Your not imagining this ,it is going faster ,see how fast I can reply to you on a computer , that's fast right! There is a movie online you might want to watch ,it is a little old and the one guy trying to teach us the Mayan Calendar is a real SLOWWWW teacher , but it is so worth watching . So free up some time and watch ,I know you won't be disappointed .Remember with all movies and anything else for that matter take it with a grain of salt as the saying goes !! The Movie is on You Tube and it is called " 2012 The online movie final update,this is not Emerichs 2012 " I know long name.

Posted:12/1/2011 7:37:19 PM
I like the way Omen puts these things ,easier to understand ,I like to see smart people on sites ,alot of people stick their noses up at ,but secretly check them out !!lol !!

Posted:11/21/2011 3:13:51 PM
 That thurs some good reviewing Rebbeca!!