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Posted:11/8/2013 1:07:58 PM
If I may share my thoughts/teachings, We are children in the eye's of the universe. Young souls. We must label and define everything with lanquage, for we are not spiritually evolved to highest levels of consciousness. What we label, or give name to is nothing more than our understanding of it with our linear perception. Consider, in an infinite universe of billions of stars, planets, and Galaxies, surely life must exist in all reaches of space, for it not that would be a waste of space. With free will we have the right to make choices. Be it evil or good. Now if you were the almighty creator of a vast infinite universe, would you create an adversary to oppose you? and even if you created an adversary (devil) you would be able to destroy it with just a little of the infinite energy you possess. The point I am getting at is, what we label as aliens, demons, angels, spirits, ghost etc are only labels that we assign to things we do not understand. When the ancient text were written, their understanding of the universe was much less that it is today, yet people rely on these old text to define our current age of understanding, and technology. When a volcano erupted 2-3000 years ago, to the people of that time, it was a god that was angry, and rained fire upon the people. Today we understand this is the geological nature of our planet. SO applying old understandings and concepts to what we see today, will not aid our understanding of what is in this vast universe. When the ancients saw people who could fly, they thought of the only thing they knew that could fly ...birds. So a man with wings was symbolic, and not meant literal.

With free will in a infinite universe there will be spirits/souls wether physical or not who choose to align thier path with negative or positive. Energy can manifest itself physically, or not. A higher level of consciousness may have the ability to bend time and space. Look what we have accomplished in technology in only a few thousand years! imagine, what it would be in another 100,000 years? So many races of other planets, worlds, dimension could be visiting our world, and likely both sides of the spectrum. Good or evil as we define. Some here to help, some here to infiltrate. Calling them demons, is applying old understandings, with old concepts. I do not bash religious texts because I feel they all have truths at the core. Just old understandings. A cell phone to a man a thousand years ago, would likey have him burned at the stake for possessing "devils tools". Even if the demons/aliens/dark spirits/ are visiting us, it is obvious there is also good ones here too. For if they can bend time and space, travel at speeds of light, they could destroy us in an instant, yet they have not. So at best, they are here to manipulate us towards a negative way of the universe, or they want control of us. But as spirits who are energy, we shall never die, and with the gift of free will of the infinite creator to make a choice, we choose who, and what we will let manipulate us. United we stand, divided we fall.