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Posted:7/20/2011 2:57:07 PM
I also experience the speeding up of time; I feel it every day.  But I feel it over the expanse of years, which tells me that it is not solely an Earth phenomenon, but involves at least our solar system, as years and months are the result of Earth's relationship with other planetary bodies, and years are definately speeding by.I read an interesting theory about why time is speeding up, relating to the Mayans long count calendar cycle.  That as we pass the end of one time cycle and enter the next, time speeds up, like water in the tight end of a funnel, but that as we stretch into the long years making up the middle of these cycles, time slows down again, as water slowly swirls around the large part of a funnel.  I'm not explaining it as elegantly as the book, but it made a lot of sense. It also reflected the cyclical nature of time, enforced how we are at the end of a time cycle, but not at armeggedon, as is so popular now, but just at the turning point of a new time cycle in which we may be forced into some sort of spontaneous evolution.  I haven't heard about all the problems with clocks though, I find that very interesting.