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Posted:2/8/2012 8:50:27 PM
Jesus is not holy, but a deceased homeless Jewish man.

Posted:2/8/2012 3:14:18 PM
 If God wanted us to 'see' sounds or to 'taste' a picture, he would have given us tongues on our eyeballs!! RETURN TO THE GOLDEN AGE, GOD WILL MAKE YOU PAY!! Read Revelations 12:10-14 and tell me that the world isn't ending soon!

Posted:2/8/2012 3:03:28 PM
 You people obviously do not know God as closely as I do. He has showed my the truth, and the world will NOT be ending in 2012. It is far into the future, and if you wish, I can lead you through from your dark paths into the light of God.