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Forum: Draconians

Posted:6/18/2008 12:27:46 PM
Ooops, that was in reply to another of your posts. At least we're making some activity here :)
Forum: Draconians

Posted:6/18/2008 12:27:05 PM
I have no true idea, honestly. I have spent many years just reading about this shit. As I matured a small amount, I drew my own conclusions from all the data I had gathered. Just seems so much harder to find unfiltered information now. All of the top sites (aside from the private ones that aren't on the internet, per se) are removed as soon as anything remotely resembling truth is put onto them.
Forum: Draconians

Posted:6/18/2008 12:24:07 PM
Reptillian is akin to calling humans homo sapiens. Alpha Draconian would be a subset of reptillian.
Forum: Plaedians

Posted:6/17/2008 7:26:03 PM
If more people are interested (or have more knowledge on any "alien" races), I would love to get either a public or private dialogue going.
Forum: Draconians

Posted:6/17/2008 7:24:43 PM
No. They do not live longer then 2,000 (more like 1,400 from most reports) years.
Forum: Greys

Posted:6/17/2008 7:23:53 PM
You are being racist. There are multiple variants of the "greys". For the most part, they are malevolant by our standards. The greys we generally characterize as part of the typical abduction scenario are actually a genetically manipulated variation of the original greys. They were conquered by the Alpha Draconids. The females all but wiped out, the rest were genetically manipulated by the draconids to ensure the subjugation of the species. There are reports of the ancestral DNA greys still rebuilding themselves. Hidden in far away regions of the univers. This safe haven is generally considered to be Zete Reticula 2 (or 3 depending on the account). Are you just starting your journey into the "world" of the cosmos?

Posted:6/17/2008 7:16:47 PM
Xhibit, it has been (theoretically) established that there is indeed a "bending" (more like folding) of the time space continuum.