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Posted:6/11/2011 12:16:39 PM
 Well the previous occupents were an old lady and her husband, my mum later told me she drowned in the bath... which was nice :) Well I didnt mention the wee little things that happened like the electric oven being turned on by itself. My mum and dad had a long history of weird stuff happening, I think my dad just tried to deny everything. When he was growing up he lived with his great aunt and Uncle, sister and cousin in a large house (which had been in the family for about three generations). My mum told me of when she first started dating my dad, when she stayed over there at night she always felt someone sitting on the end of her legs (they slept in separate rooms in those days). My dads sisters boyfriend (long time uncle now) refused to sleep there after seeing a glowing white orb above there newborn babys crib. My aunt even said she saw her grandmother on a few occations combing her her in front of a mirror, as did my dad (shes had been dead for years). My dad also said he saw his long dead uncle in the attic a few times. I think there real problem came some years later, my Aunt loved tarot and quiji board, the four of them used to use it everytime they were together for an evening. One night they 'played' on it and the backdoor of the house crashed open and apparently spouted some terrible things towards my dad and aunt, they never used it again after that. My mum has never told me what it said, think my sister knows but she wouldnt tell me either. Both my dad and aunt were later diagnosed with MS which my dad has died of (dont know if it mentioned something about that?).I did have a couple more experiances not sure they were real though. When I moved out of home at 19, I moveed to this flat in sevenoaks (England) it was a really old place (oak beems in the ceiling and all) I swear I woke one night and there was a hooded figure over me. Not sure if it was real or a waking dream though. My girlfiend had a few experiances when we were living in our old flat, the dvd player came on the TV one day even though it wasnt plugged into the TV. She also swears blind that she saw a young girl in the mirror standing behind her whilst she was brushing her teeth (of course there were no young girls in the house).  I think iv blathered on enough, my brother in law swears blind he saw a UFO once it sorted morphed into chopping gases, although im not sure about that one as he did take alot of illegal sunstances in the past :)

Posted:5/25/2011 8:12:18 PM
 Lol sorry.. Yeah I agree Egytologists have there head so stuck in the sand its unbelievable, they will dismiss new evidence out of hand. How they still think that the Great Pyramid was built as a tomb for khufu is beyond me. It doesnt answer why all the later pyramids were so so inferior in design.

Posted:5/25/2011 5:03:13 PM
 The house I lived in when I was a child was haunted by an old lady. I first had an experiaance when my bed clothes were pulled off me, even though I was trying to cling on to them.  It really scared the crap out of me, I was only about 5. For years I wouldnt sleep by myself and would sleep in my mum and dads bed. They eventually sent me to see a psychiatrist in London, thhere was even a glass 2 way mirror in the room with a video camera behind it! My mum later told me though it was a reason to get my dad up to the hospital as he would later be diagnosed with MS (not sure I beleive her though as it was a psychiatric hospital). Anyways a few years later when a was 13 I heard this rubbing sound  next to my bed I looked out from my bed clothes a saw a white apparition of what looked like an old lady scrubbing the floor. I immediatly jumped up and turned the light on and there was nothing there. A few months later me and my sister both heard the same noise again in separate bedrooms and went nd slept on in my mums room on the floor, the noise followed us into the room and even my mum could hear it. After that I9 never had another experiance in the house (I lived there until I was 21). Although my nephew who was 4yrs old was one day standing at the bottom of the stairs laughing, (me my sister, her husband were all watching TV) my sister asked what he was laughing at and he said "the old woman at the top of the stairs", needless to say this really freaked us out. 

Posted:5/25/2011 4:46:30 PM
But people did build the pyramids, im not saying they were built for tombs like the adopted theory but they did. Theres proof that tools were used to carve the stones not lasers or plasma cutters. I havent ruled out that the pyramids were built for the aliens/gods because the construction of the pyramids and there alignment does suggest that they are pointed (crude wording but couldnt think of another) towards the stars of the orion belt. The arrangement is hugely sophisticated.  There maybe something underneaththe pyramids, even heroditus (a roman historian) said there was a passage way underneath the sphynx and this was evident in his day. There also appears to be a huge network of tunnels under the whole area. Anyways you might be right and I might be wrong but we will never know unless someone invents a time machine and whizz's us back :)

Posted:5/19/2011 11:56:25 AM
I was being sarcastic, you know sarcasm? I never meant that they would build a stealth bomber out of chalk! My point was..... An alien civilisation is going to be so so so more advanced than us that they wouldnt use stone to build the pyramids. They would use some super advanced polymer that would last for millions of years, some undegradable substance, not chalk though :) I didnt say that I dont believe that the humans, who ever they were didnt have a hand nor did I say that I thought the later Egyptian Civilization built them. On the contry I dont think they did, I think they just claimed it as there own. Although there is a big corralation between the egyptian gods, the way the pyramids are situated and the stars but thats another subject.

Posted:5/4/2011 11:05:49 PM
I think its a ratings thing, ghosts and aliens are more interesting in the publics imagination than crytozoology. Cant think a film about the beast of bodmin moor would be that interesting compared to independence day or its like.

Posted:5/4/2011 10:57:43 PM
Mary is just a myth anyway along with jesus and the rest of that crap. If it were all true why would she appear in the sky? just saying "hello"? plus how do we know what she looked like (if she exsisted)? its all bollox, like jesus appearing on a slice of toast. People are blinkered, they see what they want to see and intereprit it in accordance with their beliefs. Huff over.

Posted:5/1/2011 4:14:34 PM
Spiritech has pretty much nailed that one :)Anyways anarchism isnt just one political ideology, there are lots of different splinter groups: anarcho-communism, anarcho-capitalism, anarcho-sydicalism and more. They dont really agree on much except maybe the stateless society. I dont think they would care less about the paranormal, to busy reading about karl marx and william godwin.

Posted:4/28/2011 7:23:02 PM
From what? sniffing oil vapours? I smell a law suit here

Posted:4/28/2011 7:15:39 PM
I dont think aliens built the pyramids. I mean what for? and if their so advanced why use stones? its like us building a stealth bomber out of chalk.