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We investigate claims of paranormal activity, including Cryptos and UFOS

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Posted:2/13/2014 7:54:33 AM
Spirit attachment's, What really is an attached spirit? To answer this we need to look at it from a couple perspectives. The basic make up of a spirit is energy, and energy can and often will seek out resources to use, by attaching to you or an object the energy of that spirit can feed off of you or an object. Because the universal law is energy can never be stagnant, it has to flow. Energy can be changed, it can be more or it can be less, but it never stops and cease to be. So spirits are a form of energy and could seek to preserve itself.
What next, in order to sustain itself, what would it need, are you ready for this....... More energy. Any entities that are still in this realm, would need to restock their own energy, so that they could stay active. Think of it this way, you move into a older home, no ones in there for years, after a few months and some minor renovations, you begin to notice some strange things happening, nothing bad just strange. While dormant, the entities there were in a slumber-like state. By using energy to create change, you've increased energy available so the entities can "awake". So what is the missing ingredient, time. To the spirits and other ethereal beings, time is not linear I.E. is not set as we know it, one hundred years could be an hour to them. Getting back to the question, that is how a spirit(s) could be in this place for so long. The universe is nothing but patient.
Another way to look at it is to think of an Oak tree, did it start out big and beautiful? No it did not, but over time it kept gathering energy to help it grow, and then 100 years later we see a magnificent product of time and energy. The spirit(s) in the above example could use a similar concept.
All well and good but about the actual question we started with, oh yes spirit attachments. Another perspective about attachment is the emotions. I think few realize the power held in our emotions, just think for a sec how the words I love you, make you feel. Our emotions are a form of energy too, that is how they can impact our environment. Lets say that a young mother died and she was denied the opportunity to raise her child, so by the bonds of her love, she could become attached to or around her child. Now time has passed and so has her child, but yet she could still feel a desire to have that bond and could again from her bonds of love attach her self to another child or object that a child might use. Ok lets wrap it up, so in a sense, spirits can attach themselves to just about anything and anyone. I used a lot of analogies in this post. I hope that they help you to learn and grow in your understanding of the paranormal. If nothing else, remember that in order for anything to affect your life, you have to allow it.