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Posted:1/12/2014 6:51:50 PM
I have childhood memories of what is called the hatman. It only came a few times to my knowledge. Id wake up and eventaully notice it stood near my bedroom door. It never spoke nor came any closer to me, but its black clothing made it look sinister. In later years Ive recalled the odd dream where I revisit that house - often with my grandmother. Entering that bedroom again is a mix of wow look at all that old stuff and help, this place isnt normal for something is here!

Posted:10/3/2013 6:49:23 PM
Gas giants are the perfect place for experimentation. Here you have the extremes required to measure your Lab creations against. A far more hardy micronism is then introduced to a planetoid and monitored in its development. This is what I meant. One day, we will be using this method to eventually grow plant life on other planets which will provide a food and oxygen source for colonies.

Yes, I agree with much of what you say about the Moon. But lets remember, Earth is made up of many races and lets say...once the Moon is farmed, certain workers will act to support their own countries requirements instead of the agreed guidelines. The Moon is also a base for us and ET right now. ET meets man which equals terror, and defense of areas.

Posted:10/3/2013 6:29:58 PM
If the universe played out the Hollywood way, well we`d all be smiling and not care about anything. Sometimes, bad things have to happen for us to grow and develop.

What Ive learnt isnt a two hour, 1 day change that effects the Earth. Theres alot of hard changes ahead.

So if Hollywood ever base a movie over what Im sharing...expect many movies :P

Posted:10/3/2013 6:24:56 PM
There will still be a god but not as we define now

Posted:10/3/2013 6:24:01 PM
Its not right to share a tiem frame as that intrudes on your free will.

Most races that are openly revealed are generally 4d entities. No Greys - they are not a true living being, but a construct desgined by 4d beings that allows them to be in 3D and 4D at the same time. Most UFO sightings are 4D markers or the visual link to a portal leading to the "aliens" 4D realm. So called UFO time travelers can be classed as 4D too, for in 4D mans illusions of time cannot exist but CAN be utilised to target a specific memory of 3D or "TIME".

3D visitors will be much like us and the start of great world to world relationships will begin.

All I will say is that a great many look like something your not surprised at nor afraid of.

Our entry into this totally previously hidden universe will be overseen by beings who wear and act within ways that mirrors a religious approach.

Posted:10/3/2013 5:53:50 PM
Apologies for being absent, my research takes up most of my time.

(Long)Reference to past events relating to two groups warring over our right to exist.
(Short)Their manifestation before us within our solar system. Told to turn back, give up. We get hurt. Their opposing group strike and push them away. This skywar makes both side see they are destroying themselves and not us. Agreements made, we get our pass to join (with limits) the galactic community, be it 3D or 4D.

Posted:9/19/2013 8:23:27 PM
Ive undertaken a serious amount of my own time researching the subconcious and whilst doing this found something surprising hidden within us all. I term it a marker that holds you in mind body and spirit to this current existence or reality.

If in trance you move away from it and embrace what it no longer holds upon you, you rush into a past or future part of yourself. I utilised this to explore my future self after along time of trial and error.

Ive spent two years focusing on my future life if thats what you call it. Earth is very different there and laws in 2013 are childlike compared to the freedom on offer in my next existence.

Let all laugh and ignore, but those interested, please read on.

I found my future self quite knowledgeable about my development and he welcomed it.

He kept an history book of me and knew when I would manifest or reach him.

He was taught this by teachers and was asked to respect my interest. Thats an example of how we will be different in the future. My future me understands that my interest here in 2002 developed into its ability once born within the future time.

I was shown a regrowth of land and growth of vegetables after a very short but very long skywar where two groups of the same home warred over us. Both parties had long hair and young looks. This battle started when we began exploring our solar system. They - the unhappy ones - appeared and told us to go home. We refused and they hurt us. The hidden ones then appeared and saved many of us in space and destroyed the unhappy ones.

Earth was the shown this hidden power and they looked loving and much like us.

Our superpowers now in terror fell apart due to man power looking at the visiters. Earth and its population gave up its blindness over several decades and accepted them.

Yes, what alot to take in buts thats what I learned from the future me history books.

I was also shown Moon mining within the 21st. Not a good idea for it will corrupt the Moons orbit.

Now to me in the future.

Im 27 years of age there. ET isnt a puzzle. They come, we go to them. Earth is united in maintaining its stablility
with help from other civilisations. ET love Earth and love helping it to get back on its feet.

We have started altering the gas giants so they can eventually carry life.

Aliens dont exist anymore for we treat them has brothers and sisters.

The tall long haired ones govern our development with other races. WE no longer see a GOD and instead see a devine mystery that draws us together.

Enough of me right now.

If anyone has questions please present them here and I will domy best to answer them.