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Forum: soulmate

Posted:11/14/2010 3:44:42 PM
 I guess it is a feeling and a goal to find friends and loved ones ,it is a way of communicating without to many words and understandeach other ,its like coming home and feel balanced when you have found your mate ,its not actually someone who is like your twinits more the feeling like this it is supposed to be ,like you finally have found your other half and together you are complete..So many people ask me when i am laying their cards if they are gonna find their soulmate ,actually everyone can be a soulmate alsoif its a  best good friend but not a  partner ,real friendship can be forever and love can change ...So a soulmate can be a good friend and does not haveto be your lover ,not at all ....This is my vision and theory .......Otherwise we are lost if we have to search forever for that one  perfect person ..Angelheart1        Love and  Blessings .....