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Forum: Ghost mist

Posted:1/24/2015 5:21:58 PM
Bobbypin,that happened to Pee-Wee Herman in Pee-Wee's big adventure! But it was "Large Marge" who gave him a ride,lol

Posted:1/24/2015 5:06:50 PM
 mmm nope didnt see him

Posted:1/24/2015 4:55:23 PM
 when i was looking to move with my family this one place had orbs with pictures of a dog & people in them. I dont know if it was put there on purpose or not....
Forum: 3 knocks

Posted:10/22/2014 2:54:37 PM
First of all to everyone bob is not one of "those people" who do not believe so please do not jump all over my buddy ! & as far as the cat reacting i think a demon would be more afraid of her that the other way around, she is coo coo. I thought i heard it once again but wasnt sure. As for bing pranked , no i strongly dont think so. Thx to all of u for the information . I really appreciate it :-)
Forum: 3 knocks

Posted:10/21/2014 4:24:44 PM
Sooo what should i do about this??

Posted:10/15/2014 8:10:34 AM
yep things r fucked my bobbypin. What's cha gonna do ?
Forum: 3 knocks

Posted:10/15/2014 8:07:06 AM
Oh shit now what do I do. I pray every nite & have crucifixes all over the place
Forum: 3 knocks

Posted:10/13/2014 1:14:07 PM
Hey there my boboypin! Hope u got the animal vidio I emailed u. I thought Mary would enjoy it ! My love to u both :)
Forum: 3 knocks

Posted:10/11/2014 6:43:30 PM
The other night I was awoken to 3 loud knocks. Checked the window & every door in the trailer.... nothing. I Googled it & found 1) an evil spirit trying to get to u. 2) a person close to u is going to die soon & 3) a loved one who presently died was letting u no they r OK. Dose anyone no or have any knowledge of this? I would greatly appreciate this. Thx :)

Posted:6/18/2014 12:06:19 AM
No idea