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Posted:7/17/2013 9:25:34 PM
A little over 20 yrs ago I had something similar happen. At the time I lived with my parents and our home was caddy-corner to a church that had been undee renovation for years. Every Wednesday and Sunday I would notice a young man,possibly late teens or very early twenties (around my age at the time) just hanging out anongst the parishoners. I nnever really took notice of the crowds after services but when I did look over I always noticed "him". This went on for several months until one day I was getting groceries out of the bed of my father's truck and I heard a young man's voice speaking to me in spanish. When I turned around to answer his eyes were completely blacked out. Exactly as you described above. Not white, no color, just black.
My heart fell into my stomach. I did not know what to make of him. I do not speak spanish very well and explained that to him. He smiled and just walked away. He approached me several other times with the same smile and tgen woukd walk away.
I had asked other parishoners about the young man and they did not know him. I I saw him again briefly before that year was over but never again after that.
I still remember those eyes! Pitch black, cold and endless.