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Posted:10/30/2011 2:41:17 PM
He said he was hallucinating that he died. I'm sure there was more to it then that considering it was a 12 hour episode, but that's the only detail he gave me on that.

Posted:10/30/2011 6:45:41 AM
Sorry for a lack of an update, folks. Information has been slow getting to me with my brother being on the other side of the planet. All I know is he got transferred to another hospital for more tests (bloodwork, etc.). I haven't heard anything about the CAT scan results as of yet, but I'm just as anxious to know what's been going on as well, and will be sure to post when I know more. Or in a better scenario... you'll get to hear it from Jeff himself :)

Posted:10/25/2011 8:30:31 PM
Hello, Paranormal CommunityThis is Jeff's brother and he asked me to pass along the message that he has been hospitalized due to a panic attack. He suffered hallucinations which lasted approximately 12 hours, and was unable to speak more then a couple words, or write his name. I'm sure he will be able to explain in much better detail then I can once he returns :)He says he's feeling better for the time being other then some dizziness. But he isn't sure when he will be back due to waiting for a CAT scan and other tests. Keep him in your thoughts, and hope he has a quick recovery.  Thanks for being an awesome community.- Cody