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Posted:6/8/2009 5:59:29 PM
my parents live just 10minutes from here and visit frequently and camp here regularly i live 30 minutes away perhaps ill have to keep an eye out

Posted:4/7/2009 3:27:31 PM
i think what ive seen in the past is a shadow person i sawe them around the birth of my youngest sister (just seen on one occasion) then again around the births of my children where they appeared every night for several weeks, can anyone give me more info on this?

Posted:4/7/2009 2:58:06 PM
im a lucid dreamer (i think) in that i can be asleep and i can control the paths my dreams take, i relaisedi could do this after suffering from night terrors for years all of a sudden when a one repeated itself i could change its course of action prior to the 'terror' bit of the dream, therfore ending up with a nice dream :) aswell as dreaming and being able to do this i am fully concious of what is going on around me whilst im sleeping i can still hear my children playing the tv on my partner talking or on a night if im in bed asleep i can still hear cars outside the neighbours using hteir microwave even, yet all the time im floating off on a wonderful dream...or triyng to change the course of a terror

Posted:3/14/2009 9:05:40 AM
id like to apologise for my typing errors also, ive got a busy household today :), should of really proof read my comment

Posted:3/14/2009 9:04:29 AM
Im a dreamer, i have repetitive dreams and not nice ones at all, i wouldnt like to describe them as they can be pretty horific, however over the years ive 'learnt' how to change these dreams im not sure how, i can be laid asleep having one of these repetitive dreams and all of a sudden im thinking oh no i no whats coming next i know whats going to happen, dont go in that room go this way, and i can change what i do in a dream, and at the same time as thinking these thougrhts and changing this course im also still aware that i am very much asleep. so now i dont have to wrroy about bad dreams i dont have a fear of going to sleep anymore more...why? because i know if something bad happens in a dream, whislt still asleep yet having a conscious mind i can rewind these dreams and change the course