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We are a team of Paranormal Investigators who are interested in all things Paranormal. Our aim is to prove the exsitence of the paranormal and help as many people along the way as possible.

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Posted:2/13/2013 7:23:47 AM
I need some advice about something that happened to me several years ago. I am very much into all things of the paranormal, I am an investigator and am interested in the weird and wonderful but I am still unsure what happened to me back in 2008.

I was on a plane heading to Vancouver Canada (I live in the UK) and about half way through the flight I looked out the window (I am a nervous flyer so I hadn't spent much time looking out). I was shocked to see a plane flying parallel to ours, very close almost mirroring us. I grabbed my best friends attention and she looked out and saw it too. The plane was almost ghost like and we could see through it to the clouds beyond, the creepy thing was that we saw ourselves too looking back but our 'mirror selves' were smiling and we were not as we were trying to figure out what was going on. The British Airways logo was backwards across the plane too.

Over the years I have tried to google this and find out what it could be and also look up about parallel univeres and multi dimensions but it was a bit much for my brain to take in.

Any ideas what we saw?