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Posted:4/18/2012 4:34:08 PM
I'll do all I can and now how! Please send a message to www.sacredpowerofnature.co.uk/Do-you-need-help(1728465)htm And a link to get there by other means www.eskojalkanen.net/en/services
The healing work is free of charge. Use it, This is an area that I know what I'm talking about!!
Stay strong and positive and do everything you can to cheer her up. Do make sure she gets pure and good food to give her strength. Organic food. If she has an microwave throw it away this instant, it even kills vitamins. Pamper her with all the love you have in you, this is the strongest medicine there is!
Is there a healer in your area? A herbal healer? Do you have a forest nearby you where you could gather herbs? I just read an article about a cancer survivor who medicated himself with tea made out of pine needles. Though you'll have to gather it while its just sprouting, in spring. The growth it makes every year, no more than 1 cm large. Same goes to birch, when the leaves are no bigger than 1/2 cm and very sticky. It works wonders.Though If you missed the time in spring since I don't know the latitude you're in, fresh forest herbs work even in midwinter, most power it has in spring, then summer... Try to get unprocessed honey, I'ts powerful stuff.
The thing is, when people get really ill, and go through massive medication and treatments, the one thing they forget is you need to get pure physical energy in its purest form to nourish the body to be able to stand all the treatments ahead. Pure food, unprocessed, organic. Love, love and more love. I'm sorry my post was so long , I only want to help. And last but not least, ask for help from the angels, ask for them to be present at all times and do all they can that is possible and needed. Theres a whole lot of beings in the astral world that are ready to help us, if we ask. Ask, just ask for help from all the beings that work out of love and light to assist you and your mother to get well, they can't work without your permission! Remember beings that work out of LOVE and LIGHT!

Be well spooky, stay strong, stay positive. You're in my prayers!

Posted:4/15/2012 3:51:46 AM
Thanks EnergyGem! I'll have to look in to this. Fascinating! The Falungong, falundafa, qigong aspect of it all. Lets just hope for a better, positive future for mankind over there in China (and of all land of earth, in all its dimensions, and beings)...
Keep posting EnergyGem!!
All good things to you! Stay well!
Love Serafina!!

Posted:2/27/2012 8:00:01 AM
Thanks for sharing Ray (Crazer), I love reading about these odd experiences! It makes me feel not so alone in this weirdness I call 'Normality'. It's a magical world. You never really know ( sometimes you do though) what's around the corner. Maby in the future I'll share even the really weird stuff.

Posted:2/24/2012 8:59:11 AM
Talking about dreams, I have a memory from when I was about 4 years old. It still makes me laugh. Well, we had this round laundry basket I could fit in to. Any spare time I had to myself, I took the laudry out, then I put the basket sideways on the floor of the hallway. I then crawled inside the basket and made it roll all over the hallway. That was my private spaceship. Anyway allthough it was a lot of fun, it had another purpose, I found that when I looked upwards inside the rolling basket it only took me a few minutes to get in to a state of lucid dreaming. There I was always in a different place thanks to my spaceship, just exploring new places, it was great. Eventually the basket broke and I had to invent new activities and finally forgot all about it. I remembered this a few weeks ago when reading about shamanic flights and obe:s... So soon as I can, I'm going to buy myself a big round laundry basket I can fit into, and try if I can still do it. It's hilarious I know.. I do enjoy travelling and exploring!!

Posted:2/23/2012 11:58:32 AM

*There were times when I had an overwhelming sense of belonging somewhere else -some place far away from Earth, that my people my kind were out there somewhere at that place.*

I'm amazed of your reply! Really it makes me so happy, I'll tell you why! I've also had weird stuff in my childhood. I've allways seen really vivid dreams and dream related visions. Sometimes I see dreams where I stay for years, honestly I go to sleep... find myself somewhere, and then I live in that dreamworld for a lifetime... then suddenly I'm back in my bed,only few hours has passed, and in an odd way I've aged 60 years or more in one night!! One time I had a dream of living in a planet as an energyfield, I wasn't physical in the sense like here on earth. On that planet I was passing time with a friend, and communicating telepathicly... The planet was really old, the light of a distant star was like a fading orange hue...The next thing that happened I'll remember for as long as I live.. Suddenly we where given information, what feels like the speed of light, I saw all my lives on this earth planet, all of them, including this one, down to the smallest little detail.. Then I was back on that planet, and asked my friend if he also would have such a ride. Terrible, horrible, beautiful, amazing..lessons you wouldn't wish for anyone and also lives of total bliss,peace and love.. When I woke up in this life here on earth, I was puzzled more than ever!

So thanks Ray!!! You made my day;)

Posted:2/21/2012 8:30:28 AM
I feel the same way about it! + You open up your energyfield to virtually anything to be welcome to suck your lifeforce! Just be aware of the dangers NZdreammaker!

Posted:2/21/2012 8:07:11 AM
Loved reading your story crazer. For me your experience sounds very much like what I would call 'a spontaneous "vivid dreamlike vision" of past lives'. I've heard similar storys in paranormal seminars. You did tap in to some energy, be it a memory of your past life, or even The akashic records. Who knows. Fabulous ability, maby you could enhance it and really get to the source. Try different meditation techniques perhaps?
Good luck!