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Posted:8/17/2012 11:48:53 PM
I can state that I have witnessed three UFO sightings beginning in 1973. In all three cases, I was not alone. Since the first sighting I have had more than a curious interest as to the source and reason of these ufo's. Agreeing with Spartan88, in this 40 year period of my life it is obvious that the sightings have increased as well as their boldness. The government and military appears to pay less public attention to them in comparison to years gone by. I believe that the reason for this is that the government realizes that to chase them is futile. I also believe that the increased and more public appearances of the ufo's is part of a general mental preparation of what must be a major upcoming event.

Posted:6/10/2012 1:24:16 PM
 I am in agreement that the bible refers to the paranormal in contradictory ways. On one hand it states that God built a barrier between the living and the dead in which neither may cross. The bible also prohibits seers, witches, etc. The contradiction lies in the fact that King Saul used a witch to contact the dead prophet Samuel. Christ got the help to withstand his cruxifiction from 3 dead biblical persons when in prayer before his arrest at the MT of Olives. Aslo when Christ resurrected he was incomplete and when visited the apostles in Galilee he did not enter through the door, instead he passed through the wall. The famous doubting Thomas episode then took place.