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Posted:4/14/2011 8:54:53 AM
It's a hoax.  http://www.aolnews.com/2011/04/13/fbis-vault-website-ufo-doc-most-likely-a-hoax/  

Posted:4/14/2011 6:56:04 AM
Belief in UFOs as alien craft suits various governments in many ways.  We've seen in Iraq and Afghanistan how the US government invents an enemy to fight in order to get people to a) forget the nation's financial issues and b) allow the destruction of civil liberties to a degree that would not be possible unless the people could be fooled into believing it is all to protect them from the baddies.  Roswell was a good trick, and they've worked it well, but I'm not going to believe a word of it until they can produce the dead aliens.  Not one credible person has so far said there were aliens in a crashed spacecraft and not one shred of real evidence has been offered.

Posted:4/14/2011 3:47:52 AM
Orbs were conclusively and definitively debunked last year by Parascience.  They are, as most of us suspected, 100% non-paranormal.

Posted:4/14/2011 3:43:18 AM
Have to agree.  There is nothing there.  Even with it marked out, I see no baby.The human mind seeks patterns, especially human-shaped ones.