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It’s The End of the World as We Know (Knew) It: Leakey’s Gigantic Discoveries at Olduvai and Why Our View of the Earth’s Past is Most Likely Wrong
Posted:9/12/2015 8:39:51 PM
The Bible says that there were "giants" in those days. Most take that to mean human giants. However, fossil evidence proves that there were gigantic forms of all types of animals in those days; giant horses, dogs, sheep and cattle. For instance a Texas newspaper claimed that a fossil horse was found with a length of 30 feet. Mathematics indicates that certain gigantic creatures found could not have survived under of current gravity conditions. Pictorial and video evidence is provided.

Crouching Dragons, Hidden Dinosaurs Part 3; Can Man, Dinosaur, Truth and Science Co-Exist?
Posted:11/18/2014 2:29:45 PM
The theme of all three of these articles is that 1) the non-coexistence of man and animals that science now calls dinosaurs somehow became an important Darwinian meme. 2) that the potential connection between the dragons of old and dinosaurs of old should be obvious and 3) that the reason it is perhaps not so obvious is that there has been a successful campaign by the scientific paradigm and other interested parties to obscure the truth.

Lawsuit: CSUN Scientist Fired After Soft Tissue Found On Dinosaur Fossil-OOPs!
Posted:7/29/2014 4:38:01 PM
30 year University of California, Northridge researcher finds soft tissue and DNA on the horn of a triceratops and publishes a peer reviewed article on the discovery. Subsequently the University fired him for cause;-cause they didn't like the implications of his research on Darwinian theory.

Posted:7/24/2014 1:31:03 PM
Giant Index finger photos including xrays from Egypt. LiveScience's Very Large Severed Hands. A Blond Mummy Taller than Yao Ming-In China. A skull large enough to fit a couple of yours in a museum in Argentina.

Ancient, Gigantic, 9 Ton Slab of Glass at Beth She' Arim Galilee
Posted:7/21/2014 4:10:28 PM
Naturally occurring glass like obsidian was used by many ancient societies around the world but it is thought that the first manmade glass was created by the ancient Mesopotamians or the ancient Egyptians in the mid third miilenium B.C. The oldest uses for manmade glass is thought to have been smaller objects such as beads. No one knows quite what to make of a 9 ton slab of ancient glass believed to have been made in one gigantic piece 1600 years ago in a cave.....

Holding On to the Faith of Darwin Though the Hand of God’s Dinosaurs Be Upon Thee
Posted:12/4/2013 3:27:57 AM
An examination of the morphological details of several artifacts prove that they are depictions of creatures that allegedly became extinct millions of years ago.

No Your Dinosaurs! Who Knows for Certain What Dinosaurs Actually Looked Like? Nobody! Except Perhaps the Eyewitnesses Responsible for the Ancient Dinosaur Art at the Peabody.
Posted:10/19/2013 11:04:02 PM
Dinosaur hunting at Harvard's Peabody Archaeological Museum's online Collection. A dozen or so may be dinosaurs by ancient artists.

Elephant Pipes, Incised Bones and the Davenport Tablets; How the Smithsonian Institution (and other “Authorities”) Create the “Scientific Paradigms” You May Be Condescendingly Parroting Tomorrow
Posted:6/30/2013 10:32:26 PM
Without noting the deep irony of their announcement and without confessing their own obstinacy in having previously debunked all former evidence supporting the proposition, last year the Smithsonian Institution along with the University of Florida announced the discovery (and acceptance as genuine) of an object depicting a mammoth here in North America which they announced to be 13,000 years old.

Crucifixion Ain’t No Fiction: Three Hour Darkness Over the Entire World Confirmed by Historical Sources
Posted:6/7/2013 8:50:37 PM
Ancient historical sources support the Biblical account of worldwide darkness from 12 noon to 3pm at the crucifixion of the Christ

Why is Peta Killing Thousands of Rescue Pets? Fur Should Fly.
Posted:4/23/2013 3:54:17 AM
People for the ethical treatment of animals "Peta" are famous for their no fur "naked" campaigns, for throwing blood or red paint on people wearing fur and other "antic's-but quiet as it is kept PETA actually kills thousands of rescued pets every week at their centers around the country.

Study Published in Nature Says that Vast Majority of Mutational Changes in Human Genome Occurred in the Last 5,000-10,000 Years: Cue Genesis
Posted:3/4/2013 11:51:55 PM
Past 5,000 years prolific for changes to human genome

Despite Coelacanth Does the Evolutionary Dogma Re Man and Dinosaur Remain Unshaken? Or, Do Those Dogon Antique Dinosaurs of West Africa Prove Science is Myth-Staken
Posted:2/13/2013 4:23:13 PM
Presents a number of pieces and examinations of artifacts from Ancient West Africa that seem to indicate that man and dinosaur did not miss each other by 65 million years.

Video: Giant Obelisk Discovered In the Atlantic?
Posted:1/6/2013 12:50:52 AM
I’ve discovered hundreds of miles of structures, and doxens of pyramids. There are cities with miles of straight rows of structures. Here are a few of the vast number of undersea structures which are all over the world’s oceans

Ancient Viking Brachiosaurus? Plus; Remarkarble Correlation Of Ancient Sauropod Depictions with Specific Genera of Sauropoda
Posted:12/25/2012 1:04:51 AM
Vikings and Norsemen told many stories about dragons which they believed were real and which we have deemed mythology. Do several small Viking artifacts indicate that they knew of and interacted with Brachiosaurus a large sauropod dinosaur?

Was the story of Noah’s Ark true? Archaeologist who found the Titanic claims Biblical flood DID happen 12,000 years ago
Posted:12/12/2012 12:28:24 AM
Acclaimed underwater archaeologist Robert Ballard claims his team of researchers have uncovered evidence that suggests The Great Flood described in the Bible was actually based on real events.

When Scientists Find Evidence of Dinosaur Tracks and Human Habitation Together in China, Great Scientific Questions or Controversy Could Arise: Bring in the Folklorists and Begin the Mythologizing!
Posted:11/27/2012 1:10:26 AM
— A team of Chinese and American scientists have discovered the world’s only evidence of co-existing human beings and dinosaur tracks in a remote county in southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality, according to a paper published Saturday in the Geological Bulletin of China, a Chinese core academic journal.

Update; The Biggest Out of Place Artifacts Ever? Immense, Stupendous Petrified Trees of the Black Hills, South Dakota
Posted:11/23/2012 8:12:49 PM
An entire island, 50 x 100 miles, completely petrified. Covered with the petrified remains of a forest of super giants. Trees of incredible/impossible size, destroyed by a cataclysm that collapsed the island itself into the surrounding sea.

Ancient South American Tri Cryptozoological Mystery: De Loys’ Ape, Mono Grande (Great Ape) or Bigfoot from 1500 B.C.?
Posted:11/9/2012 12:42:17 AM
Unexplained ancient sculpture of a large ape or a bigfoot type creature from 1500 B.C (or up to 300 A.D.) from South America where no large apes are thought to have existed. De Loys' Ape, Gorilla, bigfoot or neither....?

Pueblo Peoples Ancient Dinosaur Petroglyph Photographed in New Mexico?
Posted:10/24/2012 6:17:57 PM
On a trip to Hidden Mountain, just outside of Los Lunas, New Mexico, on October 20th, 2012, I took pictures of what is possibly a dinosaur figure petroglyph. This is found on a mesa about 16 miles west of Los Lunas, and requires more than a mile’s hike just to reach the foot of the mesa.

Hey Loren Coleman, World Famous Cryptozoologist; Can You Hear Me Now!?
Posted:10/14/2012 4:14:25 AM
Continuing a conversation with Loren Coleman as to why discovering the identity of Monckton's Gazeka has been accomplished and that its a big cryptozoological deal....

Encode Project Proves that Materialists Had Gotten Ignorance Down to a Science; Junk DNA is No More!
Posted:10/5/2012 10:09:16 PM
The National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) launched a public research consortium named ENCODE, the Encyclopedia Of DNA Elements, in September 2003, to carry out a project to identify all functional elements in the human genome sequence. Recently they announced some science shaking results.

Hoax-Man Made Pyramids Recently Discovered in Antartica?- Why are They Using Photo from 2006 Annual Report for Mountain Guides
Posted:9/16/2012 1:05:15 AM
Story floating around the internet re man made pyramids recently discovered in Antarctica appears to be a hoax because at least one of the alledged pyramid photos appeared unremarkably in a 2006 Annual Report for Mountain Guides.

10,000 Individual Centrosaurus Fossils Buried at Dinosaur Park; Were All Ceratopsians Destroyed Except Those on the Ark?
Posted:8/21/2012 2:25:35 AM
In an article in Palaios entitled “The Taphonomy of a Centrosaurus (Omithischia:Certopsidae) Bone Bed from the Dinosaur Park Formation (Upper Campanian), Alberta, Canada, with Comments on Cranial Ontogeny”, authors MICHAEL J. RYAN and ANTHONY P. RUSSELL of the University of Calgary and David Eberth and Philip Currie of the Royal Tyrell Museum of Palaeontology attempt to come to grips with a huge fossil graveyard made up almost entirely of the remains of potentially thousands of Centrosaurus apertus, individuals who apparently died simultaneously as the result of some ancient catastrophe. The most parsomonious scenario suggests that Centrosaurus material represents part of a large aggregation of animals (possibly numbering in the thousands) that died by drowning on the alluvial plain.

Recent Dinosaurs in the Amazon News Report
Posted:8/6/2012 5:26:43 PM
Video by Vance Johnson showing ancient pictograph of hunters killing a sauropod

Crypto-Zoo-Archaeological Mysteries Challenge Conventional Histories. The Ceratopsian Dinosaur and the Elephant in Ancient South America?
Posted:8/6/2012 4:04:26 AM
Crypto-Zoo-Archaeological Evidence that ceratopsian dinosaurs and elephants roamed the South American Continent within the last 1,000 years.

Best Nessie Photo Ever? Maybe. But Nahuelito Takes Best Closeup Seamonster Photos Ever
Posted:8/3/2012 11:29:09 AM
George Edwards has hunted Nessie for 26 years and holds tours of the Loch •He even says image was verified by team of US military monster experts •A Nessie sighting specialist has backed his claims, adding: ‘It proves Nessie is definitely NOT a sturgeon’ Nahuelito is also not a sturgeon and is more photogenic....

Crouching Dragon, Hidden Dinosaurs Part 2- Exit the Dragon; Enter the Dinosaur. Why Dinosaurs are Not Extinct-In Ancient Art Museums Around the World
Posted:7/9/2012 4:06:50 AM
Part 2 of an Article that purports to show that archaeological museums around the world have all the proof that is needed to show that man and dinosaurs lived together and that for many ancient people; dragon = equaled dinosaur.

More on The Megalithic Rock Wall of Rockwall Texas; Aaron Judkins and Joe Taylor On Site
Posted:4/16/2012 2:23:38 PM
The rockwall is a mysterious, ancient, largely buried 20 mile long (3.5 miles x 5.6 miles) wall near Rockwall Texas. Archeologists mostly consider the wall to be a natural formation. The information concerning the wall comes to us from old newspaper articles and those stories even contain references to giant human skulls. In the past few years there have been new investigations.

Denial Is Not Just A River In Egypt: Suppressed Evidence of Human, Dinosaur and Other “Extinct” Fauna Interaction in First Century Roman, Nilotic Art
Posted:3/25/2012 1:52:36 AM
“Denial is the refusal to acknowledge the existence or severity of unpleasant external realities or internal thoughts and feelings.”(free Dictionary) Denial is the Lingua Franca of the human race and the state of denial is larger than the State of California. When it comes to the issue of dinosaur and human co-existence, denial is also of course in operation.

Three Cryptozoological Mysteries: The Penn State Dinosaur that Was?; the Ancient Chinese Rhinoceros that Wasn’t; and the 19th Century Pterosaur Displaying Previously Unknown Morphological Features That Might Have Been
Posted:2/4/2012 3:44:03 AM
Three interesting cryptozoological mysteries plus a bonus mystery.

The Top 11 Science Stories of 2011 for Christians/Creationists
Posted:1/12/2012 2:30:07 AM
Top 11 Science Stories, discoveries etc. in the minds of Christians and creationists

Crouching Dragon, Hidden Dinosaurs-How Evolutionary Science Hides Historical Man and Dinosaur Interaction in Plain Sight
Posted:12/13/2011 9:26:08 PM
Are historical human and dinosaur interactions hidden in plain site? The evidence is right in your face if you know what to look for.

Pair of Graphs Described in Paragraphs Prove Global Warming Proponents Uncool: Scientist Who Made Recent Claim that “Sceptics had been proved wrong” Accused of Hiding Truth by Colleague
Posted:11/7/2011 12:00:00 AM
Scientist who said climate change sceptics had been proved wrong accused of hiding truth by colleague

Harold Camping Apologizes For Faulty Rapture Predictions And Retires, (Which was Predictable)
Posted:11/2/2011 12:00:00 AM
Harold Camping Apologizes For Faulty Rapture Predictions And Retires, Report States. Camping admits he may have made a mistake, promises to continue searching

Why I Deny Global Warming, by David Deming
Posted:10/24/2011 12:00:00 AM
I’m a denier for several reasons. There is no substantive evidence that the planet has warmed significantly or that any significant warming will occur in the future. If any warming does occur, it likely will be concentrated at higher latitudes and therefore be beneficial.

Were/Are Pterosaurs Bi-Peds or Quadrupeds? The Ancient Maya Weigh In?
Posted:10/22/2011 12:00:00 AM
Scientists disagree as to whether pterosaurs were bi pedal, quadrupedal or both. The ancient Maya may provide a partial answer?

When Really Big Human Giants Left Their Imprints On the World, There Were Giants in The Earth in Those Days
Posted:10/7/2011 12:00:00 AM
Evidence that really big giant humans may have walked the earth.

Human and Dinosaur Inner-Action, Unfortunate Humans Provide Evidence of Interaction with Dinosaurs from Inside Their Stomachs
Posted:9/13/2011 12:00:00 AM
Three historical news articles provide evidence of human and dinosaur interactions, humans and dinosaurs who died together..

A Short Q&A with Jon Saboe, Author of the New Biblical-Historical Novel, The Days of Laméch
Posted:8/24/2011 12:00:00 AM
The Days of Laméch is the long-anticipated prequel to the award-winning The Days of Peleg, delving into the mysteries of the ancient Family Wars and drawing back the curtain on an age of antediluvian enlightenment—and ultimate devastation.

In 1975 Human Footprints Were Discovered at Black Mesa Ok., in Cretaceous Rock Supposedly up to 145 Million Years Old. Keep Your Shirt On! Intrigued Archaelogists are Still on the Way Out There!?
Posted:8/19/2011 12:00:00 AM
The title of the 1975 newpaper article suggested that Archaelogists were intriqued about human [rints in rock but that was and is incorrect. Archaelogists were not intrigued at all. They wanted no part of it in fact.

Why is the Universe So Fined Tuned for Life? God Some Believe. However, Super Smart Scientists Conclude that There are an Infinite Number of Invisible, Undetectable Universes Occupying the Same Space
Posted:8/3/2011 12:00:00 AM
Many of the essential parameters of nature – the strengths of fundamental forces and the masses of fundamental particles – seem fixed at values that are “just right” for life to emerge. A whisker either way and we would not be here. It is as if the universe was made for us.

There’s A Moon in the Sky that We Call, “The Moon”. Who Built the Moon? & The Possibility of Intelligent Design
Posted:7/26/2011 12:00:00 AM
The Moon is certainly the most puzzling object in our corner of the universe. The many visits made by mankind to the Moon during the 20th Century did little to answer any of the pivotal questions regarding its origin or importance. Our closest neighbor in space is probably more of an enigma now than it has ever been.

On Propositioning Atheists, Giant Penguins in the Garden of Eden and How Science Works #173
Posted:7/14/2011 12:00:00 AM
Selfish Genes vs “Skepchick’s” Jeans, Atheist woman hit on by male Atheist, complains-controversy--Also giant penguins and Garden of Eden

The Real Story of Vero Beach Wasn’t Ancient Mammoth Art but Rather, Ancient Mammoth Humans and Mammoth Archaeological Misdirection
Posted:6/24/2011 12:00:00 AM
There could be no better metaphor for modern science, particularly archaeology than Dr. Zaius from the movie “Planet of the Apes”. When that Minister of Science found the talking human doll in a cave which would have overturned his scientific paradigm he had the cave sealed and the eyewitnesses arrested.

Underwater Cities and Monuments: Submerged “8,000 Year Old Civilization” on Konkan Coast, India?
Posted:6/9/2011 12:00:00 AM
Are these man-made structures — walls? Did the Konkan coast from Shrivardhan in Raigad to Vengurla in Sindhudurga host a human habitat around 8000 years ago? Did that population have well-developed engineering skills? Was there a unique Konkan culture in existence in 6000BC?

Dinosaur and Human Interaction in Our Times (the New York Times, LA Times, Chicago-Sun Times etc. Historical Newspapers)
Posted:6/3/2011 12:00:00 AM
Historical news accounts of scientific reports of man and dinosaur interaction. Advanced unknown civilization in Venezuela sculpted dinosaurs and other extinct animals.

Unknown Ancient Monuments in Colorado?
Posted:5/8/2011 12:00:00 AM
Are these ancient stone monuments left by an ancient civilization or simply a case of versimultude

After the Flood, A Graveyard Planet-Video
Posted:5/7/2011 12:00:00 AM
We Stand on the Shoulders of Those Who Came Before Us –but Also on Their Heads, Backs, Stomachs and Feet! (and etc.)

Life is a Killer Problem for Science –And Hope for Alien Life, Dies Again. Plus, Shhh, Don’t Tell The Creationists
Posted:3/21/2011 12:00:00 AM
The Whole Alien Life and the Origin of Terrestrial Life Thing

Survival of the Fittest? The Creation Museum A Natural Selection? Museum Thriving in its Environment
Posted:3/17/2011 12:00:00 AM
“We have consistently surpassed our own forecasts for attendance,” said Mark Looy, a co-founder of the museum and spokesman for the center. Last month (August), the Creation Museum counted more than 1.2 million guests since it opened in 2007, he added.