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Posted:6/25/2013 2:34:27 AM
Haunted Springs Paranormal Fest On October 4-6th, 2013 Hot Springs AR will be the host city for Haunted Springs Paranormal Fest. Hot Springs is rich with a history of mafia, fires and hauntings. Haunted Entertainment will bring together many professional and well respected speakers in the paranormal field. Some of the speakers include Jeff Leeper of TAPS, Michael and Lindsey Knight hosts of Paranormal and Beyond, Christy Bradshaw award winning journalist of The Bradshaw Chronicles, Cedrick Taylor known as The Urban Entity, Terry Riciano of Haunted Tours of Hot Springs and many other special guests. The event will include a meet and greet on Friday Night, speakers and vendors with a ghost hunt lead by Jeff Leeper of TAPS on Saturday and a luncheon on Sunday. There will also be an extended Haunted Tour of Hot Springs with a very special price for our participants. This event is intended to educate people about the facts and myths of the paranormal and ghost hunting. Get your tickets at http://haunteds

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Posted:10/10/2012 1:07:03 AM
Ancient Templates of Wisdom Monthly Teleconferences October 19th, 1pm MST: Are you a Spiritual Soldier? Join me and my guest Dr. Kimberly Ridgeway in our discussion about being a Spiritual Warrior. We will be addressing the following: How to know if you are called to being a spiritual warrior? We are only a tool, a conduit for Spirit Tools: physical tools, spiritual tools (like the Templates), your body What trials do Spiritual Warriors go through? Collaboration, being willing to learn, being open to walking away Avoiding ego To learn more about Dr. Kimberly Ridgeway and her work, visit these websites: www.peacemeds.com www.ghoulbgone.com

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Posted:9/14/2012 3:03:16 PM
Awake in Dreamtime, how to Lucid Dream By Dr Kimberli Ridgeway There are times that I think that the dreamtime experience is more real and tangible than the time I spend awake. From an early age I had dreams that warned of things to come. Being young, and not having anyone in my circle to discuss these things with, I was lost. As I grew older, these experiences changes, morphed into different types of “real” dreams. As I had more experiences, I began to understand the difference between dreams that just processed my days events and those that were what I call “Dreamtime.” In my 20’s I decided to that just experiencing the dreams was not enough, and I wanted to become more active in my dreams. So, one of the things I did was to keep a journal, not only of dreams, but things in the awake time that could be associated with dreamtime. This is something I suggest that anyone who is looking to expand on their dreaming experience do as often as possible. Something you write today may not make sense when you wri

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Posted:8/29/2012 1:43:44 PM
Hot Springs 2nd Annual Crystal & Crystal Skull Festival on Oct. 12,13 & 14th, 2012. Times are 10.00 am until 7.00 pm Friday,Saturday & Sunday is being held at the beautiful historical “The B Inn “ on 316 Park Ave. in the beautiful downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas. Located on the largest Crystal Vortex in North America, This festival is dedicated to celebrating the energies of the Crystals and Crystals Skulls, while empowering those who seek their true selves, purpose, and path by providing information and affordable products and services to all. We will have the best crystals that Arkansas has to offer on display and famous Crystal Skulls from all around the World! If you are unable to attend in person join the event and we will livestream the event online straight to your computer!!! Tickets at the door $10.00 or $25.00 for the weekend. Bring a can of food and get a $1.00 off and it may be dog, cat, or human food. Many booths, speakers, musicians, healers, card readers, food and much more to dazzle you...Door

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Posted:8/24/2012 8:45:57 PM
In accordance with Native American prophesy 8844 people of all races, creeds and spiritual backgrounds are expected to gather in Hot Springs. AR. This event will take place, Oct 20th, 2012. Hots Springs is known as Manataka or Place of Peace. What will happen at the base of the crystal mountain that day is said to have an effect on the mass consciousness. For more info please go to momenthotsprings.com Feel free to join us!

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Posted:2/29/2012 6:40:21 PM
Investigator Face to Face with 60 Year Old Ghost Inmate The Mansfield Reformatory is located in the heart of Mansfield, Ohio and is rumored to be one of the scariest places on earth. In operation as a penitentiary for approximately 100 years and housed over 150,000 inmates and it is said over 200 men died here. ParaVizionz investigated this location and created a webisode of the dramatic events that happened while investigating. The team, Lee Allen David Jones Patrick DeHart, Jim Wilson and others captured over 200 crystal clear EVP’s while on site. But the event that happened to Lee while he was in the Executive Administrative Basement was not only powerful but set precedence for him. Watching the video you will see where Lee leaves the group, says he meet a spirit named Steve and shared the story while filming. The inmate made a full apparition appearance to Lee. Later during the investigation an employee for the Ghost Hunts Tour was able to share with the team Steve’s file, inmate that showed

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Posted:2/23/2012 6:27:45 PM
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE HAUNTED ENTERTAINMENT, TEXAS LIGHT PARANORMAL, RIPCREW, AND DRAGONZ WYLDE RANCH PRESENT: TEXAS PARANORMAL UNITY FEST The world of the paranormal comes together for a show of unity for this unique conference in Red Rock, TX. For three days, March 9th-11th, 2012, those interested in the paranormal will be able to camp out, socialize, see unique vendors, hear guest speakers, attend a psychic gallery reading and investigate. All this will be done at the colorful Dragonz Wylde Ranch which is settled on 50 acres of pine forest located at 520 Red Rock Ranch Road, Red Rock, TX. The proceeds from this event will benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The gates will open Thursday March 8th at 4pm. Vendors are welcome and are free to set up a table with nothing more than the cost of an admission ticket. Camping is also included in the price of admission, and it’s byo everything. Beginning Friday March 9th at 9 am till 9pm, and continuing Saturday March 10 9 am unti

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Posted:2/23/2012 3:21:56 AM
HAUNTED ENTERTAINMENT AND SONS OF BIRMINGHAM PRESENT: ROCKING THE PARANORMAL FEST The Paranormal world meets comes together with rock and roll in Sloss Furnace, Alabama. Sloss Furnace is a National Historic Landmark in Birmingham, Alabama located at 20 32nd St North. “At night, this old building still echoes with noises from it’s perilous past. Screams are heard, apparitions are seen, and on the second floor of the Blower Building, there’s the sinister presence known as “Slag” an overly cruel foreman who can still be heard belittling his crew” --- From the episode of Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel. The spirit world will be rocked on Friday night July 27, 2012 with the rock music of Atom Smash, Star City Meltdown, Brokenrail, and Rumor Has Wings. The doors open Friday night at 5pm. Saturday, July 28th , 2012 at 5 pm the paranormal curious will get to hear guest speakers: Byron Kanouse- Seen on :Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal on A&E” David Dossett- Actor and Director Judi

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