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Thousand Spot UFO Spotted Hovering Above A Canadian Minor League Baseball Game
Posted:9/11/2013 4:10:59 AM
Canadian minor league baseball draws some fans from far, far away, it seems. Spectators at the Nat Bailey Stadium in Vancouver, Canada, were stunned to spot what appeared to be a UFO in the sky above the first game of the best-of-three North Division final between the Vancouver Canadians and Everett AquaSox....

Aliens In The White House? Nibiru Is Real? You Decide! Interview With A Whistleblower
Posted:9/4/2013 1:32:31 PM
According to this video just released on YouTube by Pete WDHCo, there REALLY ARE aliens in the White House and Nibiru is real. Is this just more crazy talk or is the info contained within this video that is reported to come from whistleblower Robert Dean real? You decide!...

CNN Caught Staging News Segments on Syria With Actors
Posted:9/2/2013 11:16:17 PM
The primary “witness” that the mainstream media is using as a source in Syria has been caught staging fake news segments. Recent video evidence proves that “Syria Danny”, the supposed activist who has been begging for military intervention on CNN, is really just a paid actor and a liar......

Posted:8/21/2013 11:29:00 PM
This is the biggest chemtrail I've ever seen. Many people also saw one of these in Florida tonight....

Newly Discovered Eighth Grade Exam From 1912 Shows How Dumbed Down America Has Become
Posted:8/20/2013 2:16:52 PM
The American people are not nearly as mentally sharp as they once were, and with each passing generation it gets even worse....