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The Curse of Bodie192
Haunted Pillar of Georgia162
Legend of Moll Dyer2103
Don't Walk Your Dog Here.1118
The Werewolf Jacque Roulet1213
Werewolf Jean Grenier2327
Werewolf Gilles Garnier1506
Ghost of Fort George1619
Haunted Ancient Ram Inn51154
The Haunted Island of Poveglia.1788
Hound of Mons1584
Green Children of Woolpit71792
Laser Tag with Ghosts1776
Ion Detector and the Paranormal 1650
The Spirit Box1782
The Devil Bird of Sri Lanka1882
Devil's Gate Dam52315
The Philip Experiment82585
The Dungarvon Whooper1912
The Haunted Forest of Hoia-Baciu21889
The Legend of the Deer Woman41723
The Jersey Devil and Phenomenal Week11079
The Legend of Sheepsquatch52021
The Legend of the Goatman72740
Melon Heads31389
Jure Grando - The First Written Vampire 1848
The Penanggalan61807
The Adze1699
The Teke-Teke92454
The Aka Manto71932
The Kuckisake-Onna31060
Sleep Paralysis, Demons, Ufos or Just Ate Something Bad?122937
Atmospheric Beast31330