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Posted: 10/24/2013 1:36:49 AM   Reads: 768   Submitted By:IPRAstrong   Category: Ghosts   Source: www.youtube.com

IPRA or The Illinois Paranormal Research Association speaks and performs a LIVE Spirit Box Session at Mokena's 2013 Halloween Hollow Event. The session went wonderful and even a few kids participated in the session. Our goal is to make the public aware of ghosts' presence in our everyday life. We won't stop until our voice is heard and we convert millions into Believers! In this video you will see the use of the Spirit Box SB-7. Available for purchase at GhostOutlet.com. The device scans through radio channels rapidly allowing the spirits to speak using the radiowaves. This is a form of live ITC communication. Similar ITC devices include: The Ovilus, PX, and Ovilus 3 devices.


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