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Paranormal phenomena captured on supermarket surveillance camera

Posted: 7/29/2013 8:57:59 AM   Reads: 703   Submitted By:Paranormal Playground   Category: Ghosts   Source: www.examiner.com
A surveillance camera captured footage of an alleged haunting in a health food store recently. The video footage was posted Friday on Youtube and has went viral with nearly a half of a million views. In the surveillance video, a shopper is seen in the aisle browsing items when all of a sudden something strange happens on the shelf behind him. Two boxes of tea are seen levitating through midair to the center of the aisle and then suddenly fall to the ground. The shopper doesn't seem to notice. Shop owner Michelle Newbold said she was shocked when she did her weekly review of the footage from the store's surveillance system. Newbold claims that the footage is real.
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