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Close Encounter 1954

Posted: 7/26/2013 5:10:40 AM   Reads: 549   Submitted By:Lee Brickley   Category: UFOs   Source: paranormalcannock.blogspot.co.uk
I came across this video a couple of years ago, and have never been able to discover the identity of the lady witness. It is a clip from a show called "Out Of This World", first broadcast on the BBC in 1977. Although I imagine the woman above may not be with us anymore, she talks about her sons who were apparently also present during this otherworldly "encounter". There must be lots of people out there who are familiar with this story, and possibly many who know the lady's identity - so if that's you, get in touch, I'm interested.... When you watch the video I'm almost certain you will agree that: at the very least, this lady believes she is telling the truth about her experience. In fact, if she is lying about the whole thing, the acting job being undertaken is truly worthy of a golden globe............ Full Article Here http://paranormalcannock.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/close-encounter-1954-staffordshire.html

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