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G8 Ranking Cabinet Member FULLY ADMITS TO UFO's at Disclosure Hearing!!!

Posted: 5/27/2013 7:01:40 PM   Reads: 679   Submitted By:unsolving   Category: UFOs   Source: unsolving.com
At the Disclosure hearing concerning UFO's, Hon Paul Hellyer openly comes forth on video and states "UFO's are as real as airplanes" - and takes credit for being the first ranking G8 Cabinet member to publicly come forth with the admission. Go to the "VIDEOS" Section on the link to see the full story and the disclosure at 2 minutes into the video, - watching from the start will give the General's etc. agreeing with him. He then goes on to give graphic information about UFO's, Identifies several species by name and where they come from, ADMITS 2 Aliens are CURRENTLY working with the US Government!

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